Hubsan X4 Quadricopter Mini Drone

Hubsan X4 Quadricopter Mini Drone

Hubsan X4 Quadricopter Mini Drone
HUBSAN X4 MINI HD CAMERA Stable quadricopter that can quietly float in the air! 100 meter range, suitable for outdoor and charging via USB. And as he still has a built-in video camera! More flying fun for the money is really not! Hubsan X4 Mini quadricopter is a magical, small, remote-controlled quadricopter. He did not even weighs 40 grams and has four propellers. An integrated gyroscope provides the necessary stability. Charged via USB and it is controlled by the two sticks on the remote control.

He is so small that it almost completely fits in your hand. So stable that it can quietly float in the air. So versatile that it can fly up and down, rotate, rotate and make loops. Its range is so great that he can fly up to 100 meters wide. It can also be controlled easily outside. And its LED lights are so strong that he even at night can rise into the air.

This version also has a built-in HD camera! You're stuck just a mini-SD card into it (is not included), and you're ready to shoot from the air! So you get a cool aerial photographs and can also still operate industrial espionage (er, or better yet not, that's not just mega prohibited but also mega boring). And for the whole time you do not have 'nen hinblättern Fuffziger! Incredibly, yes, we know. But true.

Product features Hubsan X4 Mini quadricopter with HD camera:
Quadricopter extremely stable flight behavior, which is very quiet in the air!
The latest version of Hubsan X4
Model Name: H107C HD X4
Thanks to LED lights can also fly in the dark!
The small battery that comes with the Quadrocopter (3.7 V, 240 mAh), can be charge via USB
The remote control is powered by 4 AAA batteries, which are unfortunately not with this, but you can also order on this website
Modern "6-axis flight control system" with adjustable gyro sensitivity
Range: Up to 100 meters
For indoors and outdoors
Dimensions: 14.5 cm in diameter
Remote Control Mode 2: 2.4GHz, 4 channels
Measurements of the remote control: ca. 18 x 12 cm
Flight Duration: 8-10 minutes
Charging time: 30 minutes
Camera resolution: 720p (2MP)
Scope of supply:
Hubsan X4 Mini quadricopter
Remote control
Battery for Hubsan
USB Charger
Rotor protection, which is below the inner packaging

The Hubsan X4 Mini Quadcopter without camera on! For films, a micro-SD card is needed, which is not included, you can order them on this website but Important! Do not forget: According to some countries law you must not penetrate with aerial photographs in the protected privacy of others or publish such recordings without permission of those affected. There is also a special scheme for military installations. NOTE: Look before the first flight test necessarily only in the manual, so you can see how it controls the Hubsan X4 and adjusts. It takes some practice and training at the beginning to avoid unnecessary crashes.
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