Image editing on iPhone and iPad for free

Image editing on iPhone and iPad for free

To get image editing on iPhone and iPad for free
In addition to the phone calls and the e-mail reception photographing just heard on the smartphone to the most frequently used services. Often, however, the images do not succeed as it has been presented to the photographing. Little known is that Apple devices with the current operating system contain a great image editing, which can be ironed out recording error problems.

Image editing on iPhone iPad
Make your photos with the image processing of the iPhone perfectly. The smart phone is always at hand when it comes to record an exciting or funny situation with the camera. But the quick press of the shutter often leads to classic photo errors. So motives are often set too light or too dark in the picture or classical artifacts, such as the "red-eye" effect make a really beautiful photo naught. Fortunately, many photo margins directly on the smartphone, without the pesky need for a PC, to iron out. Learn more about image processing in iPhone and iPad.

To start the image processing on the iPhone or iPad
A solid image editing is included in the financial, photo app from Apple. Just touch briefly on the "Photos" on the display and then select the thumbnail of the image that you want to edit. The photo will now be displayed full screen. To start editing, tap the top right on "Edit." This opens a new menu by tapping on "Duplicate u. Edit". That the original image is duplicated, is always important if the changes you made afterwards does not look like you have imagined. Since the image processing with iPhone and iPad works only with a copy of the original image, you can fall back to the original photo at any time.

Use image editing on iPhone / iPad
The operation of the image processing on the iPhone or iPad is very simple. In addition to the photo to see different symbols. Please note that these are arranged only on the right of the submission to the iPhone left and right and the iPad. First there is the magic wand. Touch the, your image is automatically optimized. Values ​​such as brightness, contrast and color saturation are adjusted at your fingertips. The "red-eye" effect is eliminated if it can be found in the picture.

About the underlying diamond icon allows you to crop your image or straighten a crooked horizon through a continuous rotation of the subject. The three superimposed circles offer predefined filters that you alienate your template, for example, to convert a color photo into a black and white shot. About the icon with the knob to manually take effect on brightness and color saturation of your subject. You can also use different tail-white modes.
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