ION Block Rocker Portable Bluetooth IPA56

ION Block Rocker Portable Bluetooth IPA56

ION Block Rocker Portable Bluetooth IPA56
ION Block Rocker Portable Bluetooth IPA56 amplifier speaker system with unbeatable sound! Simple MP3 player or other audio source devices and turn up the volume - already comes from the Party. The built-in battery provides over 12 hours of music! With this speaker and amplifier system you transform any location into the ultimate party - whether beach, garden, lounge, event or park! All you have to do is connect your MP3 player or other audio source and turn up the volume. And off you go! Thanks to the powerful built-in battery, the Block Rocker speaker system can wirelessly using 12 hours supply music!

But how can you take as a robust speaker system of less than 16 kilograms? No Problem! Thanks carrying handles, wheels and a retractable handle, it can be easily carry or roll. The sturdy aluminum timber construction makes the speaker and amplifier system to a super reliable companion at any location!

Block Rocker Speaker System has four inputs, so you also can connect next to your MP3 player, or other audio source, the included high quality microphone and instruments (a guitar or a keyboard, for. Example). In addition, there's a dock for your iPod, iPod mini or iPod nano - this can then even be charged yet at the same time! Of course, the system has separate volume controls for all audio inputs and one master volume, so you can control the volume free! And with the included microphone, you can speak to your guests easily heard and can be running in the background soft music. Also perfect for karaoke!

And the sound? He will not disappoint you! We have already mentioned the weight and the solid construction of 16 kg. This speaker and amplifier system is therefore not to be sneezed! Block Rocker Speaker System has a powerful built-in amplifier and 2-way speaker that provide a decent sound with rich bass, even at high volumes. The woofer is 8 inches and has a capacity of max. 22 W or 15 W RMS with 1% THD - if you what says. We dare to say that no other device offers such a good sound with so many features at such a low price!

Product features ION Block Rocker Bluetooth IPA56:
Size: 38 cm (width) x 46 cm (height) x 29 cm (depth)
Weight: 16 kg
Power: 22 W max, 15 W RMS with 1% THD.
Woofer: 8 inches
Performance built-in battery life: About 12 hours (4-level charge indicator)
Charging time internal battery: under 4 hours
4 inputs:
- Microphone (included)
- Instrument / microphone 2
- RCA (red and white audio input for MP3 player, PC or other audio source)
1 output:. Link Out jack, located eg to connect 2 Blockrocker units or for connection to an amplifier can use
Sturdy aluminum housing with wooden sides
Neat sound with rich bass even at high volumes
Handles on the sides, rolls and extendable handle
Three separate volume control, a master volume
Holes on the bottom for attachment of a cradle (not included)
Included accessories: high-quality microphone, power cord.
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