JawBone UP24, Smart Bracelet

JawBone UP24, Smart Bracelet

JawBone UP24, Smart Bracelet
JAWBONE UP24. UP24 is a bracelet that keeps your steps, calories, running distances and sleep phases in the eye and you to deliver a lot of information on your smartphone. Set yourself personal goals. UP24 will motivate you to achieve them. Healthy living is actually not that difficult. You have to really just constantly have someone around who controls what you eat, the one on the feet occurs when you have sitting around too long lazy and one reminds you when and how to train. But well, where to find such a faithful companion? It's simple: you you're hanging UP24 around the arm and can motivate you to a healthy lifestyle according to your own goals and requirements.

Download the corresponding app to your smartphone and leg at the stylish UP24 bracelet -. Which then does the rest because UP24 is open all day and monitored with you, measures and helps you to achieve your personal goals. The app shows you how many steps you've done, how far you have moved you how many minutes you were running and how long you have been sitting still. A particularly ingenious feature of UP24 is that the bracelet will vibrate when you've been sitting too long on the butt. "BRR BRR - time, just to stretch your legs" You can also make your training sessions in the app to enter and see how the activity meter is skyrocketing.

Jawbone UP24 also help you to control this what you all stuffing in your mouth. The app offers a lot of information about what you eat and what a meal contains everything. While you sleep, your sleep UP24 registered curve and how often you wake up at night. And that's perhaps funniest that UP24 can wake you up when your sleep is the easiest. But make sure you use the app a what time you arise and shall be the period during which you awakened.

As you realize, so Jawbone offers UP24 plenty of opportunities. You can customize it according to your daily routine, enter your personal goals and set motivational exhortations to training. You can form a team in which you cheering you mutually about the app even with your friends. The UP24 bracelet is real smart, is conveniently located on the arm and is also not afraid of water. The bracelet has a battery life of 7 days and can be recharged quickly via a USB port on your computer or through a standard electrical outlet.

Product features Jawbone UP24: IMPORTANT: We recommend that before ordering this product, to measure the circumference of your wrist. There is the Jawbone UP24 in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Small is suitable for really small and very petite person.

Available in three sizes:

  1. Small: 14 to 15.5 cm circumference
  2. Medium: 15.5 to 18 cm circumference
  3. Large: 18-20 cm circumference
Scope of supply: Jawbone UP24, charging cable, manual
You have questions about setting up or want to know how you can extend the battery life of your Trackers, then you're in the right place - the Jawbone Help page
An activity meter, you're wearing on your wrist! Join steps, calories, running distances, active minutes, sleeping hours and quality. All this is synced and converted into pleasant looking graphs!
UP24 is compatible with all iOS products and with many Android devices
If you click here , you'll get a full list of smart phones, with which UP24 can synchronize
Your data is stored in the app with no time limit
Battery life 14 days with the new System Update 3.0.21
Share your information directly via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook
Thanks MotionX Technology calorie burning, distances, steps and sleeping hours are measured detailed and precise
Silent Awakening thanks to vibration feature
Can be adjusted so that you will wake in a light sleep phase
Tolerates rain and shower water, but you should not go swimming with it
Can be synchronized easily with other apps like activity RunKepper or Gympact
The System Update 3.0.21 you double the battery life of your Jawbone to 14 days. Click here for the required Windows tool. The software manages comfortable by installing the new system version.
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