Kim Jong Un Oh Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un Oh Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un Critic
(Photo: AFP / KCNA via KNS)
Kim Jong Un appeared to be executed Critic, Kim Jong Un would not be the first North Korean leader bro, the critics would dispel executions out of the way. 15 high-ranking government officials to have been already executed in North Korea in 2015. The reportedly from South Korean intelligence sources. They would have threatened the authority of the dictator.

In North Korea, 15 high-ranking government officials have been executed this year apparently. They are said to have threatened the authority of leader Kim Jong Un, the leader of the South Korean intelligence service said in a meeting with representatives behind closed doors. Intelligence chief Lee Byoung Ho had thereby also reported that Kim in May apparently travel to Russia where the 70th Anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany to commit, told the parliamentarians Shin Kyoung Min.

Kim is said to have arranged the 15 executions after the officers had been accused of wanting to undermine his authority. The secret service itself is not confirmed this information.  Messages that transpire from the insular communist North Korea can only be checked difficult. Between the two countries there since the end of the Korean War in 1953, a ceasefire, a peace treaty has not been concluded.

The Kim dynasty ruled the country for more than six decades with an iron hand. According to information provided by the South Korean intelligence service also Kim's father and grandfather were clear critic of the way. Kim took over after the death of his father Kim Jong Il in December 2011 the power. Two years later, he ordered the execution of his uncle Jang Song Thaek who had the inexperienced Kim helped to consolidate his power. Experts suggest that Kim his uncle had become too influential.
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