Kitchpro Fully automatic Weinpumpe

Kitchpro Fully automatic Weinpumpe

Kitchpro Fully automatic Weinpumpe
Kitchpro Fully automatic Weinpumpe. Simply Wine Pump Set on the bottleneck and already she sucks automatically the right amount of air out of the bottle. As new air from entering, the pump is automatically activated. A glass of wine a day is good for the heart, a bottle of wine a day is bad for the liver. So what do you do when you drink only 1-2 glasses of wine and the rest spoils in the opened bottle after a short time? No, it does not help when you close the bottle with old cork, napkins or what's else comes between his fingers again. Either way will air on the wine, and which is then bad.

Well, air and wine, which is not a good combination. Simply reseal therefore does not help. The only thing your opened wine helps, is a vacuum. And as you get a vacuum in your wine bottle? Well, with a vacuum pump for wine, as the name suggests!

Drinking as much as you want, setting the wine pump on the bottle, suck the air out and keep the bottle until you next time for a sip of wine is. If between air entering the bottle, it is perceived by a sensor, and activates the pump immediately. The small LED display indicates which temperature the wine is and how long the bottle already waiting to be emptied completely.

Product Features Fully automatic Kitchpro Weinpumpe:
Electric Wine / vacuum pump for wine bottles
Drains the bottle the air. When penetration of new air pump is activated automatically.
Protects the wine from oxidation, gets the bouquet and increases the shelf life of wine in opened bottles.
Measures the temperature in the bottle.
Count the days since the last opening of the bottle.
2 AAA batteries are required to operate the pump, which are not included.
Delivery in white cardboard packaging.
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 4 cm
Weight: 120 grams
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