Mayday, The Government Promises to Exceed The "Misunderstanding"

Mayday, The Government Promises to Exceed The "Misunderstanding"

morroco mayday protest
GARBAGENEWS. From Morocco. The UMT, CDT and FDT indicate acting after exhausting "all measures and means to get the government to deal seriously and responsibly claim to engage in tripartite negotiations." The celebration takes on Friday May 1, this year, a very special character of labor unions among the most representative (Moroccan Labour Union-UMT, Democratic Confederation of Labour-CDT, Democratic Labour Federation-FDT, General Union of Workers Morocco-UGTM), have announced their decision to boycott the festivities of this Labor Day in protest against government policy

Thursday UGTM and FDT explained, in a joint statement that their decision comes in protest against the 'undemocratic conduct of the government. " However, the National Labour Union in Morocco (UNTM), the trade union arm of the Party of Justice and Development, decided to celebrate this day under the sign "continuous call to implement the commitments and expand reforms" .

It should also be noted that unlike other years, the celebration of the 1-st May 2015 was not preceded by the traditional round of social dialogue which is usually an opportunity to bring the positions of the different parties to take certain actions in favor of the working class. "A kind of gift."

For central labor boycotting the festivities, their decision, which they describe as "historic" and "unprecedented in the history of the labor movement in Morocco," intervenes as a "protest against political actions (... ) government that ignore the claims of the Moroccan working class and the trade union movement calls to transcend the social and political blockade and to open new horizons for Morocco. "

These unions, which were sent on 02 April, a letter to the head of the government asking him to hold meetings to discuss as soon as possible of their claims, decided to organize, during the month of May, several events struggle and activism "for the protection of freedoms and rights of workers, preservation of dignity and in response to the indifference vis-à-vis the Government of trade union movement and its ignorance of the voice of the working class." In a joint statement, the UMT, CDT and FDT indicate acting after exhausting "all measures and means to get the government to deal seriously and responsibly claim to engage in tripartite negotiations."

The unions, too, felt that one of the main features of the current government experience is to have "ignored" calls unions to open collective bargaining, examine and respond to the demands of the working class about rising wages, lower taxes on income, compliance with the Agreement of 26 April 2011, besides the preservation of freedom of association and all the social gains of the working class.

For their part, the UGTM and FDT, who wanted, at first, jointly celebrate the festivities of 1 May as a sign that "the unification of the Moroccan trade union movement" have reversed their decision and decided to boycott celebrations of Labor Day, in protest against the 'undemocratic conduct of the government. " The two trade union confederations in their joint statement added have also decided "the resumption of activism program through all legitimate forms".

According to the two trade union confederations, the decision of boycott is justified by "the unpopular government policy that undermined the achievements accumulated through the process of social dialogue and collective bargaining on the demands of the working class," noting that " this boycott would also like to unpopular decisions and actions of the government that have only fueled the tension. " 

Reacting to the decision of boycotting the festivities of May 1, the Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, Abdeslam Seddiki, called it a "sovereign decision", noting that this "misunderstanding" will be exceeded and the resumed dialogue in a near future. For he has said, "the government is imbued with the culture of dialogue and doors do not remain closed forever."

The minister, speaking Wednesday at a press conference, said that this is due to "a misunderstanding between the government and the trade union confederations on the definition of priorities in the sense that the Executive considers it necessary to consider, first, the non-financially expensive component like the issues related to trade union rights and legislation and then focus on improving earnings, while unions consider it imperative to give the priority to higher wages. "

Defending the social balance sheet of the government, which is not limited, according to him, the increase in wages, but concerns the improvement of the situation of employees, the minister recalled that purpose including the creation of the Fund for Compensation loss of employment that constitutes, in his eyes, "the greatest gift granted to the working class."

We should also remember that the government has continued to list the gains made for the benefit of the working class, through the implementation of many of the provisions of the Agreement of 26 April 2011 and the sectoral conventions, including increasing promotion quota to 33%, by launching the payment of compensation for loss of employment, allowing private pensioners who have not accumulated 3,240 days to recover their contributions, increasing the minimum wage by 15% raising the minimum pension from 600 to 1000 DH, amending the law on work accidents or by enacting domestic labor law.

On the side of the UNTM, it considered that his union action is part of the consecration of the "credibility of the union practice which tends to bar the way to any attempt to exploit in struggles unrelated with the true interests of the working class. "

While acknowledging the achievements in favor of the working class, the Union has, however, reiterated his determination to continue his activism to strengthen the achievements and enroll in major reform projects, including reform of regimes retirement in order to ensure the future and sustainability of social protection, to undertake the review of the reference value for the calculation of the pension fixed by the CNSS 6000 DH or revising calculation indexes practiced by the Plan Group Retirement benefits (RCAR). The union also called on the government to implement the remaining provisions of the April 2011 agreement, including compensation for work in remote areas and difficult to access. 

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