Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6
Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6. Now you can do with the help of a Quadrocopter filming from the air! Sliding track of your smartphone in the transmitter and you can in real time on the screen, what's going on. You've probably already seen those cool YouTube videos, where one thinks that the author has put a lot of money purely and even could afford to fly in a helicopter with camera man ?!

Then the video was probably at the cost-effective alternative to a cameraman in the helicopter was used: a equipped with a camera or a drone quadricopter! Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor is a quadricopter, just 20 centimeters tall, but filming in HD. It is controlled easily with the corresponding transmitter. For the ultimate flight experience: slide your smartphone into the transmitter, upload the Nine Eagles App and watch in real time on the screen what the camera captures!

The sensitivity of the control can be adjusted so that both beginners and professionals really enjoy flying will have. And yes of course you can with the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor in the air and rolls and loops fly!

Features Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 RTF:
Quadricopter, the filming in HD and streaming in real time on your Smartphone!
Control by means of the associated transmitter
Compatible with the free Nine Eagles app (for iOS and Android
A smartphone can be connected to the transmitter
20 x 20 x 5,5 cm
Rotor diameter: 16 cm
Flight time: 10 minutes
Charging time: 70 minutes (USB), 60 minutes (outlet with USB adapter, not included)
Weight: 115 grams (when he is ready to fly)
4 channels
Resolution still images: 1280 x 720, 96dpi
Resolution film: 1280 x 720, 30 frames per second
FPV-setting: streaming movie on your smartphone in real time via WiFi
Range: 200 meters (100 feet i FPV-setting)
Wind safe up to 5 m / s
About the app you can publish photos and movies directly to Facebook and YouTube
Package Contents:
Transmitter with battery
Lithium-polymer battery
USB Charger
Memory Card (2 GB)
Memory card reader
Mount the transmitter with a visor for protection against sunlight
Replacement blade
Here you can download the Gratisapp for iOS. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Here you find the Gratisapp for Android
Important! Do not forget: According to German law you must not penetrate with aerial photographs in the protected privacy of others or publish such recordings without permission of those affected. There is also a special scheme for military installations
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