Not everything free: You must observe at All-Net-Flat rates

Not everything free: You must observe at All-Net-Flat rates

Make suppliers of All-Net flat rates in their advertising great promise. At first glance, the calls to all networks, the sending of SMS messages and surf the Internet for free seems unlimited. And that from just about ten euros. In this article you will learn what to look for when choosing your phone tariff.

Make sure when choosing your All-Net Flat Rate for the smartphone at the fine print
The times when using mobile phones was associated with high costs, are finally over. The large providers such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and E-Plus and the respective sub-brands of the company engaged in a fierce competition. Benefit do as a customer, as prices for calls, messaging and browsing on the smartphone plummeting. Especially tempting are the All-Net offered flat rates that promise free mobile fun. But when choosing the appropriate tariff it is necessary to pay attention to the fine print.

That's something you should consider when choosing your All-Net-Flatrate
An important criterion for the selection of the tariff is the kind of flat rate. Only an all-net flat rate offers unlimited calls to all German fixed and mobile networks. Grasp instead to a tariff with telephone flat rate, the offer may be restricted from landline calls. The call to the mobile network will cost an extra.

Thanks WhatsApp used less and less, but still part of the mobile communications are text messages. If you exchange information with friends via SMS, your plan should accordingly contain many messages, so there are no extra fees monthly. All-Net-Flat rates reflect mostly just on the phone. The unlimited SMS messaging is often an additional cost point.

Attention should also be exercised when data volume for mobile surfing. As in almost all mobile phone tariffs, there are also in the All-Net-Flat rates limits. Only a certain volume of data is usually capped at 500 MB per month, is at the full speed on the line. Thereafter, the transfer rate is throttled. 500 MB of rich but for everyone who mainly receive email, communicate a little with friends over a messenger and surfing the Internet every now and then.

Another decisive factor is the network coverage. Check Your main whereabouts, as the home or the workplace are supplied with a mains. The provider offers a number of overview maps on the Internet. Especially when you can use fast LTE because tariff and device support the brisk data radio, you should inform yourself. It is also important to know if your All-Net-flatrate can be coupled with a discounted smartphone purchase. The monthly costs you will need to set off against the contract-free purchase of the equipment offered.

Who is All-Net Flatrates worth?
Vieltelefonierer benefit of All-Net-Flat rates because they do not have to worry about calling minutes and related charges for telephone calls. Who go rather little phone, but should not get involved for convenience on a All-Net-Flatrate is. Come a month less than 100 minutes of talk time together, you are better off with a prepaid tariff with rates per minute of about ten cents. To SMS messages you need to anyway hardly worry because these are already superseded by messengers such as WhatsApp. The mobile data plan also can be added to book tailor-made in many tariffs to reduce monthly costs.
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