Personal accident attorney

Personal accident attorney

Personal accident attorney

Personal accident attorney. Why should you turn a lawyer? There are a number of reasons why you should turn on a lawyer. The most important are the following:

1. The lawyer is a professional.
He or she is (as opposed to insurance, accident uninvited helpers, etc.), the only state authorized expert on the legal advice and representation of citizens.

The settlement of accident claims and the resolution of all related problems with an accident is a difficult manageable special matter. When claims are regularly not only the specific circumstances of the case considered, but also extensive legal provisions and case-law handed down to the individual sub-questions. This complex area of ​​law can fully grasp the lawyer alone in its entire circumference. Tags: art and "uninvited helpers"

2. You have a financial advantage as a rule
The appointment of a lawyer is financially beneficial to you as a rule. Your lawyer will advise you objectively and ensures that you do not "give away". Even if you assess your situation as hopeless or the insurance thinks that the case was clearly alone your lawyer will be able to assess your prospects applicable. For example, try dubious insurance often to reduce the demands of the injured by an unfavorable for this Mithaftungsquote - Your lawyer will put this request limits, if necessary. Experiences of the "German Association of Lawyers"

By contrast, the cost of the lawyer commissioned quickly pay off: So, for example, the accident opponent who has caused the accident alone, obliged to pay your attorney fees. And if you are insured for legal expenses, even this consideration is of no interest to you.

3. The lawyer has the big image
Having all fronts at once in mind and knowing what to do and when is the best, just know your lawyer. Your lawyer has an overview.

If you have been involved in an accident, you have to fight on several fronts at the same time. Your accident opponent, the holder of the opposing vehicle whose liability insurance, your own party and comprehensive insurance, maybe even the holder of driven by you vehicle, injured party, their competent social security institutions etc. etc .: All they pursue different interests in different ways.

Having all fronts at once in mind and knowing what to do and when is the best, just know your lawyer. Because it is one of the most complicated things after an accident, from any single opponent and parties to choose the right strategy and not to engage in contradictions.

TIP: So is necessary to note, for example, to the police, the accident nothing (absolutely nothing!) To say. Because regardless of what you do at the scene or later to the police for information; and whether you have or not responsible for the accident: They talk around his neck. Whether it comes to an armed robbery or a speeding - the most important and fundamental rule in dealing with the police is always: Tell the thing never even a single word - unless you come undoubtedly only as a witness in question , Refuse to testify

4. The lawyer protects against the insurance
"Only those who can be represented by a lawyer, in the event of a claim has the best cards. Insurance companies have their own interest in mind and not that of the injured party in the settlement of claims, "said attorney Hans-J├╝rgen Gebhardt, Chairman of the Working Group Transport Law in the German Bar Association. Often'll overlook the fact that the matter raised by the opposing insurance company to the other party, which was intended solely to their own interests. Insurance would settle claims quickly, but to relate this mostly on the fender bender. "Out of ignorance is then often waived claims, such as financial management, damage, loss of earnings and the reduction in value of a vehicle after the accident," said Gebhardt.

Be therefore essential to be alert if you offer the insurance an uncomplicated claims processing. Claims Management

5. The lawyer ensures equality of arms
The insurance agent is busy dealing with the settlement of traffic accidents (and only this!) Well versed. The same applies to the police and fined authorities who specialize in their own way on their area of ​​expertise. The only person who enters unknown territory following an accident, you are.

Because of the "principle of equality of arms" for this reason, not only in principle entitled to hire a lawyer with the enforcement of their claims. They also have the right to even get the costs resulting from the person liable nor replaced. The principle of "equality of arms" is an essence of the rule of law. Do not abandon unnecessarily on this fundamental right!
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