Practical tips and tricks for "WhatsApp" Messenger

Practical tips and tricks for "WhatsApp" Messenger

GARBAGE NEWS. Almost everyone who has a smartphone these days, has already "WhatsApp" downloaded on his phone and writes only with the fewest contacts in the phonebook via SMS. However, many users do not know what features WhatsApp except the normal chat and picture ship still has. In this article you will get practical tips about hip messenger program.

Secure WhatsApp chat history
If you want to reinstall your phone or got a new phone, you can easily save your chat history of WhatsApp. Android: Press in WhatsApp the Menu key and tap on "Settings". Now select "Chat Settings" and select "Backup Chat History" to those on the WhatsApp servers can save between and restore it later.

iOS: In the bottom menu, select "Settings" and select "Chat History by E-mail" from. Now look for the chat history that you would like to save and select "Attach media file". Now enter only your e-mail address and the chat history will be sent to you.

WhatsApp tricks: pay without a credit card in the Play Store
WhatsApp works with a subscription model. Since 2012, Android users must renew their subscription each year at a price of 89 cents. Who now has no credit card, is led to strange websites as "" offering at a price of nearly two euros to pay the WhatsApp SUBSCRIPTION also without a credit card. You can also pay with a few tricks WhatsApp themselves without a credit card.

Now open WhatsApp and go to the menu item "Settings". Now select the item "Account" and then "payment information" from. Here you can check which phone number is registered under your WhatsApp account and how long your subscription is still running. You also have the option to extend WhatsApp directly for up to five years, at a discount of 25 percent. Here you can choose as the only alternative for paying by credit card the payment method PayPal.

If you T-Mobile, O2 or Vodafone customers are, you can also select the Google Play store, the credit-free version on your phone bill. For this you have to select "Send Link for payment" and have the invoice sent to your e-mail address in the Play store the sub-item.

BlueStacks App Player: WhatsApp installed on the computer
With the "BlueStacks App Player" you can install Android apps on your computer. This also works with WhatsApp. How to do this read in this post: use Android apps with BlueStacks App Player for Windows.

WhatsApp tricks: Group Chat
If you want to throw a party and many of your guests are also WhatsApp users, you can invite them to a group chat to. Open the app and go to the chat view. On the iPhone, you can now by clicking the "New Group" simply open a group.

When Android phone press the Chat View Menu and find the same button. Now create a group name, and keep in mind here is that this is seen by all group members. About the plus sign, you can easily add members. Now tap "Create" or "Finish" to open up the group.

Change phone number in WhatsApp
For users of BlackBerrys, you have the option of "Change My Number" your phone number in the settings under the menu item to change. For all other operating systems, you must delete the account and create a new and can be verified, the new user account again by SMS. If you want to use your old number back later, you should not delete the account, but only remove the app from your smartphone. Then install the new app and enter the number again.

To delete your account as follows:
Open WhatsApp Settings
"Account Info"
"Delete my account"
Enter telephone number with country code and "delete my account" tap
Start WhatsApp
Select "Settings"
"Instant messaging settings"
"Delete account"
WhatsApp tricks: Forward messages

WhatsApp messages You can forward simply by clicking on the message you want to forward and touch the message long with your finger and mark it. Then a menu will open allowing you to this news copy, delete or forward either.
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