Qi Gong For Stress Healing

Qi Gong For Stress Healing

Qi Gong For Stress Healing

The workday has many stressful situations with them and often you come here on his physical and mental limits. Looking at still confronted with private problems, mental wellbeing comes quickly out of balance. But there is an effective method by which it is possible the stress remedy and ensures perfect balance: Qi Gong.

Why you should use Qi Gong with stress
What is it and where does it come? In Qi Gong is a form of meditation, which originated in China and is already being practiced there in certain shapes over millennia. In the 1950s, official bodies began in China in order, (TCM) to increase body awareness to promote this part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, whereby the alternative healing method soon paved their way to Europe.

The qi - the life energy - is prevented by certain situations such as stress at the flow and caused disturbances and blockages. From the perspective of Chinese people, it is important to maintain this flow to ensure mental and physical health. With targeted exercises that is possible.

How does qigong?
Qigong involves Numerous exercises exerted lying down, standing, sitting or even while walking and thus can be performed by all ages and regardless of their own level of fitness. The exercises combine aerobics and meditation together by inhalation imagines to be internally traversed by the life energy. Thus, not only the body is claimed by the application of deliberate movements, but at the same time strengthened the inner imagination and conscious breath regulation performed. Bringing together these different components is the basis for a harmonious balance.

Qi Gong ensures peace of mind during stress
Stress often starts in the head and is produced or reinforced by a negative attitude. When Qi Gong is the strong focus on the exercises in the foreground, which allows you to push bad feelings into the background and to strengthen the positive attitude, whereby the stress is neutralized. Stress often leads to physical symptoms such as insomnia, headache, a general Mattigkeitsgefühl or even cause problems with the heart and kidneys.

By relaxing action of these specific form of meditation, a self-healing process is set in motion, which can restore the general well-being. The exercises can be performed anywhere and are particularly effective in daily exercise, the best time for this is the morning. In special courses you can acquire the basic knowledge and always expanding.
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