Quinoa - healthy and tasty

Quinoa - healthy and tasty

Quinoa - healthy and tasty
Since 6000 years Quinoa is considered a staple in the high Andes of Peru and Bolivia. It is very healthy and is very filling. Quinoa is often confused with cereals, these are in the South American plant. The term is used because of the pseudo-cereal crops like millet composition of large seeds. In Germany so far only these seeds are processed, while the mineral-rich leaves are also edible.

Healthy for everyone
Quinoa contains 170 kcal per 50 grams and is thus relatively low in calories. Depending on the species, it contains about 12 to 15 percent protein and all essential amino acids important. In particular, the amino acid lysine, which ensures radiant skin and healthy bones, is represented as a remarkable share. Since it is a valuable source of protein, it is ideally suited to compensate for the absence of meat for vegetarians and vegans.

But for everyone else, it should be part of the diet. Many people suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and can pick up by regular consumers of this deficit. For people who are lactose intolerant calcium contained plenty interesting. In addition, it is contrary to genuine grain gluten-free and suitable for the diet with gluten intolerance.

Before preparing it is advisable to thoroughly wash out the seeds with water, as they may contain the remains of Bittern saponins. They have a wonderful nutty flavor. The most popular type of preparation is similar to cooking rice. To two parts water or broth and one part quinoa in a covered pot, simmer over low heat 12 to 15 minutes.

Who wants to, it can also advance briefly fry with a little olive oil so as to develop the flavor stronger. It is excellent as a side dish to main courses. Also recommended is the use in salads and as satisfying soups, and casseroles in and vegetarian patties. Another type quinoa is to eat, to process it into flour and it to prepare pancakes or rubbish.

Simple recipe ideas
The simplest way of eating is with a little butter or linseed oil and a pinch of salt. These can be easily cooked vegetables such as broccoli or zucchini and diced avocado served. Quinoa can also prepare cold. You mix it with a few diced tomatoes or peppers are added and some chopped chives or green onions. For this, a marinade of linseed oil, lemon juice, salt and herbs.
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