Recall Training: How to be the center of the dog world

Recall Training: How to be the center of the dog world

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GARBAGE NEWS. The invitation "Come" is important. For many dogs, it makes the difference between a leash and a living largely from off leash. And thus a difference for you too! Besides being an invitation that works without "Talk" and fun, and the security is. The of your dog and the other people also. Only once Suppose your dog runs across the park towards the road - as may the joyful followed reputation "Come" save the life of your dog and avoid accidents.

Fast reactions for your callback Training
As you have learned in the first part to train the target behavior of your dog, is the goal of today's exercise is that your dog will turn to in a split second. No matter where his nose just puts his mind and just traveling: If you ask him, his attention must immediately be with you.

There are endless variations of this game to recall training, the most popular include the following:
Have a tasty treat a piece from himself, so your dog has to move there to get it. Join such action calm with the words "Get's you!" or the like, so your dog knows that he has permission to go and get the treat. If your dog has eaten the treat, you say his name - and indeed before he turns around to you or looks at you.

Only in the moment when your dog looks in your direction for the Attribution, you make a noise again, say "Yeah" or reward him with something really special! Now repeat this part of the recall training and throw the treats always a little further away. Trust your dog in this part of the game is rapidly growing. For the more active and energetically moving dog is an additional challenge when you throw a treat alternately in one direction and then in another direction. In the moment in which your dog will pick up the treat, say his name and throw the next. Thus, the turning of the head toward you to an exciting game.

Tip: The right timing is crucial for this part of the recall exercise. Make sure that your anchor, it was a sound, a Jaaa or whatever, at the moment comes in which your dog will thus turns its attention and its head. Now it's time again to try himself and put the theory into practice. Make exercise regularly, but never for too long. Then the game will be exciting!
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