RETRO NES USB Controller For Nintendo

RETRO NES USB Controller For Nintendo

RETRO NES USB Controller For Nintendo
RETRO NES USB Controller. With the NES USB gamepad old feelings come back to life! Closing it easy on your PC or Mac and you're ready to play, as if time stood still 25 years old. If someone claims that computer games were better 25 years ago, then this is of course utter bullshit. Nee, two beams that alternately shoot a point back and forth do not really more fun than Assassin's Creed or Football Manager. There's nothing to shake off. However: when it comes to controllers, then things look very different again.

After all, HACH, the Nintendo controller. He had this pad and two red buttons that are to run completely overused in sports games, when it came, and where each key press was a step. Those were wonderful times! But with this classic NES USB Controller you can claw back this time - only with much better games! You can use the device simply connect it to your PC or Mac, and configured for any game - whether new or old.

Product Features Retro NES USB Controller:

The connection is made via USB without additional software
Works with PC and Mac
Can be used for all games configure
Games are not included
Dimensions: 16.5 x 5 x 14 cm
Weight: 113 g
This is not an official Nintendo product
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