Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Multifunction Monster

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Multifunction Monster

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Mega smartphone in XXL. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Mega smartphone in XXL. Note: This phone is tested again after new mobile testing procedures from February 2015, the report has been adjusted. Samsung has its Note series consistently developed in recent years, and always with new and exclusive software features and a further optimized pen operation. The grade 4 is no exception and in all respects makes a leap forward. Technology, design and software are superior to its predecessor and the rest of the current mobile leaderboard simple. In no other Smartphone we find so many special features and applications that so homogeneous blend into the XXL concept.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Chic design, mega display
The biggest eye-catcher at Grade 4 are the new design and the impressive display. Samsung back from leather-polycarbonate feels much better than even the Grade 3, the new aluminum frame look very sophisticated. The many curved lines at the side act attractive. The new note is a real slick smartphone. The biggest highlight of grade 4 is the 5.7-inch screen with AMOLED technology, which dissolves with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels grandiose. The measured values ​​we in contrast, color space, black level and brightness range between very good and excellent, the resolution provides extremely sharp views. Despite the large display, the housing dimensions remain viable. With 154 x 80 x 10 mm (measured at the thickest points) the score of 4 is only slightly larger than its predecessor and even considerably shorter than the iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: No USB 3.0 mehr.Samsung Galaxy Note 4: No more USB 3.0. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Endless long feature list. The technical equipment of grade 4 is exceptional, a corresponding number of points it creams off in Outfit rating. First smartphone in our mobile leaderboard, it has Bluetooth 4.1. The internal memory amounts to 32 GB (approximately 24 GB free), via microSD card to expand this to up to 128 GB. WLAN ac, HSPA + and LTE Cat.6 are the online standards. With the high-speed LTE theoretical download speeds of up to 300 MBit / s are possible. NFC has the touch as well as a fingerprint scanner in the home button and a heart rate monitor on the back. Per finger scan you can unlock the phone, pay with Paypal, and use in the future, according to Samsung plenty of other services.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: What is missing?
For criticism of the grade 4 we have to look long and go into detail. So we would have wished that Samsung finds a solution to make the score waterproof. Instead, it serves no IP standard. The USB port on the bottom is a downgrade compared to its predecessor. Instead of USB 3.0's only 2.0. Also again a little problem with Samsung smartphones: The lack of FM radio.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: acoustic and Battery
During a telephone conversation with the score 4 You must not be afraid of language problems, provided you have sufficient power supply. The other party sounds clear and close, the line remains free from noise, background noise suppressed the score 4 very good. Even the speakerphone works well on mobile phone side, because no noise loud and proportionate. The battery is, as usual, one of the major strengths of the Galaxy smartphones. The surf time amounts to very good 7:55 hours in phone mode, the score holds massive 9:46 hours. With activated power saving maturities clear upwards trend. Thanks to Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology invites the score 4 with the included power supply within 30 minutes 50 percent of its batteries. From zero to 100 percent it comes in under two hours. An extremely good value, just because the replaceable battery touch brings 3,220 mAh on the scale.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: support for Anfänger.Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Help for Beginners. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Pure power. The Note comes with Android 4.4.4, which runs perfectly smoothly in every situation. For posttest no update was on Android 5.0 available apps open super fast, no Android Game forcing the note to its knees. Because the new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor-top 805 are in touch powerful gas. The four cores clocked at a maximum of 2.7GHz, the RAM is 3GB. More power is virtually unbeatable. This is confirmed by our benchmark results: The Antutu benchmark, which takes into account the high resolution of the note, holding a final score of 45.378 points fixed, the multi-core test of Geekbench takes the grade 4 to 3,200 points.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Touchwiz à la note
Samsung's Touchwiz UI provides on the score next to its own design, many shortcuts and smart menu structures a number of exclusive features. From the Recent Apps view out you can with compatible apps like Chrome, the Play Store or YouTube launch a dual-window view and work in two Apps simultaneously. If you have an application open and delete from the top left across the display, this will continue to run in a window. This you can then move on the screen and also move back into full-screen mode, if you drag it to the top of the screen. This feature reminds us strongly of the operation on the desktop in Windows.

And the music has another PC feature because the new S Pen functions like a computer mouse. You can, by dragging a marquee around multiple objects, select all. To select, for example, directly from a whole series of images. You can select individual parts of the picture, cut it out and place them in a clipboard so that they later store them in a separate document. Alternatively, you occupy the cut width with notes, for which various pin types (pen, pencil, etc.) are and colors to choose from. The touch detects the pressure and puts your manuscript to very fine and reliable. The reaction of handwritten text typewritten works very well. Samsung has obviously done a lot of thinking about how a smartphone with a large display can make everyday life easier and this translated into actually functioning features - very strong!

Class we also find Samsung's "Galaxy Gifts". Here you can get free apps and games for which you would otherwise have to pay money. Including "Kindle for Samsung," about which you will receive a free book each month. Left of the Home Screen again a special variant of the News App Flipboard that brings the latest news and messages from social networks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Strong images at Tageslicht.Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Strong images in daylight. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Camera in Test. The camera of note 4 dissolves with 16 megapixels. In the test lab, we get extremely sharp and beautiful color images in daylight. 853 line pairs with Dead Leaves LOW10 speak for themselves. Under low light conditions, the quality decreases because of visible noise, but remains satisfactory. After all, the deviation is low in distortion with only 0.1 percent. The flash illuminates motives very good. Video takes the grade 4 in 4K quality, more camera modes like dual-shot, continuous shooting or panoramic image are also available. The front camera of grade 4 is taken up in a very wide angle of 3.7 megapixels. Shutter lag with autofocus is 0.66 seconds at the rear-view camera. In our new, significantly more extensive test procedures for digital cameras the score ends up among the best.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Price: 605 Euro
New design, quality material
Terrific AMOLED screen with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels
Top performance thanks Snapdragon 805
Long battery life, very short charging time
LTE Cat 6, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi ac, microSD slot, Heart Rate Monitor, Finger Scanner
Extremely many features that take advantage of the large display
Sharp camera with low distortion
No FM radio, not waterproof, no USB 3.0
Leaderboards Placement:
Rank 3/78
very good (95.0%)
very well
February 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Independent tests since 1978
Value for money: 65%
Battery: 85.3%
Features: 98%
Display: 90.4%
Digital Camera: 97.1%
Performance & use: 97.6%
Telephone & Sound: 100%

Conclusion: The Galaxy Note 4 excited in the test with an incredible variety of functions and secures the top spot in the rankings. The pen works even better, working with the note is as simple as ever. The grade 4 also scores with a spectacular display, faster performance, the most modern equipment and long maturities.
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