Saving PDF files on your iPad or iPhone

Saving PDF files on your iPad or iPhone

Saving PDF files on your iPad or iPhone
GARBAGE NEWS. In Internet countless books freely available in PDF format are available. If you want to read the mostly free Schmöker not only on your home computer, but also in the train or on holiday flyer, you need to better transmit the large iPad screen on the iPhone or. As this succeeds with a few taps, you will learn in this post.

PDF in iPhone iPad
EASY WAY TO PDF files for books on the iPhone or iPad. Books You do not necessarily buy for a lot of money in bookstores. For reading in between, the Internet holds plenty of reading material available, which is in many cases even free. But there are also other reasons that PDF files from the Internet on the iPhone or iPad save for reading. Are you thinking only of manuals that offer a lot of manufacturers of all kinds of equipment in the network or exciting brochures about your future holiday destination or the attractions of a trip area included.

To download a PDF file from the network on the iPhone / iPad
To open a PDF file from the Internet on your smartphone or tablet PC from Apple, first start the browser Safari. Then call the page, on which the PDF file is available for download. If you tap with your finger on the appropriate download link, the file is opened. You can read the document now. The problem is that the content is lost when you close the browser tab. Even a classic leaves is not possible, because the PDF file is scrolled from top to bottom.

Save PDF files as a book in the iPhone / iPad
To save a PDF file permanently and also for offline reading on the iPhone or iPad, you use the app iBooks that you can download in the App Store for free. In order to save a PDF, which you downloaded from the Internet in the digital library of iBooks, open it as described above, in the browser Safari. Then tap short on any place in the PDF document.

At the top of the document, a menu appears. Here you select "Open in 'iBooks'' from. The PDF is now automatically transferred to your library and even then is still in the virtual bookshelf iBooks available if you are using a smartphone or tablet PC is not online.
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