Silverlit Sky Eye, Video Helicopter

Silverlit Sky Eye, Video Helicopter

Silverlit Sky Eye
Silverlit Sky Eye - Video helicopter with a camera on the nose of the helicopter and a display on the remote control you have guaranteed a good (and interesting) flight! Helicopter with Remote Control are known to allercoolsten things on earth. However, a few drawbacks they have: At places where you can not see, they can be controlled so bad. Since it quickly comes to fateful crash. And moreover it does not look very clever if you stare with blank facial expression and mouth half open to the sky, looking for his helicopter.

Luckily you can not happen with the video Silverlit helicopter. The blurring the line between reality and video game. Because on the remote control, there is a 1.8 "color display, the streaming video from the camera of the helicopter, and in real time! This means that you can control the helicopter even behind the corner of the house - in fact anywhere where you can not even see him. Here you always keeping full control. And of course you can film and photograph while floating high in the sky from the helicopter!

Thanks to the built-in gyroscope of Silverlit helicopter video is also really stable in the air. The built-in battery is recharged either via USB or via the remote control, which in turn is powered by 8 AA batteries. The batteries are not included.
Product features Silverlit Air - Sky Eye:

Stable helicopter with radio control and camera on the muzzle and a display in the remote control - so you see in real time, wherever you are flying!
Model Name: Silverlit 2.4G Sky Eye
Aluminum housing
The 2.4 G technology supports the control of up to four helicopters from one location
For indoor and outdoor use (in calm weather)
The camera of the remote-controlled helicopter delivers photos and video with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels that can be stored on a microSD card (which must be purchased separately, however)
The helicopter has a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery (can be recharged via USB or via the remote control) the remote control runs with 8 AA batteries
3-channel remote control for up / down, forward / backward and left / right rotation
Length: 254 mm
Flight duration: 5 minutes
Charging time: 70-85 minutes (using the remote control)
The videos are in the format of VGA / QVGA. To view the program VLC is recommended that you can downloaded here.
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