Sunrise System 320, Sunrise Simulator

Sunrise System 320, Sunrise Simulator

Sunrise System 320
Sunrise System 320. With a light intensity of 10,000 lux, this model is the world's only combination of light therapy and dawn simulator! Thanks Dawn Simulator You will be woken up by a simulated sunrise. Do you feel a bit tired and worn? Then simply switch on the lamp and let you, the 10,000 lux of light emitting diodes shine directly in the face.

Can you think of getting up in the morning difficult? Are you a morning person? With a few simple steps you put up a virtual sunrise. You decide what time you want to wake up, and how long the sunrise should last - and the alarm clock will do the rest, if you set the alarm time einstellst for example 07:15 clock and the sunrise to half an hour, then the lamp will start at 06:. 45 clock to glow faintly. Over time, the lighting is getting stronger, until at 07:15 clock the maximum is reached. And if you go certainly want that you do not verpennst, you can additionally set an audible alarm.

We guarantee you that the Sunrise clock to get up your will and will improve your mood morning miraculously! Researchers have also shown that the alarm clock can help with seasonal affective disorder. With regard to the biological aspects, we can announce that the Lichtwecker deceives the brain, it was morning, so it distributes less melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that is mainly produced in the dark and that makes us tired. The reduced dividend but the light alarm clock causes the body has adjusted while raising the "Morning", so you wake up totally rested.

There is also a sunset feature where the light intensity decreases gradually - just like a real sunset.

Sunrise System 320 differs from the rest of our models because it uses LED lights instead of incandescent light bulbs. The result is a much stronger light, which in turn, that the lamp can also be used for light therapy. The light of the LED lights is colder than that of the bulbs and the light beam targeted. So if you use the lamp for waking up, you should see the light beam previously sent to you. In the other embodiments, this is not required, since these have a broader light distribution.

Product Features Sunrise System 320:
LED lights with 10,000 lux
Let wake you from a simulated sunrise
Sleeping in a simulated sunset a
Sunrise and sunset times can have a duration of between 15 and 90 minutes
12- and 24-hour display
Dimensions: approx 27 (height) x 12 (width) x 10 cm (depth)
Energy saving: 10 watts at maximum light intensity
Optional audible alarm
Night light - if you want that the lamp all night long weak lights
Model Name: Sunrise System SRS320
Click here to be able to read the instructions
Safety Function: This function is very convenient if you're traveling times. Thereby the lamp is switched at random times and switched off again
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