The Aliens, Our Friend And Helper?

The Aliens, Our Friend And Helper?

Is Alien our friend?

Again and again, there were in the United States alleged UFO sightings near nuclear bases. Even rockets were reportedly affected. A US author has for a surprising statement. It is an issue that polarizes. The upset and often heated discussions makes. When it comes to alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) somewhere in the world, in the corresponding messages are often many conjunctives find. Then something could have been in heaven. Perhaps this or that was the reason for the puzzling phenomenon. But probably it was something else entirely. What all of these reports have in common is that they revolve around a question that probably everyone has already asked: Are we alone in the universe? In all probability we are not. The sheer size of our Milky Way speaks against a yes for an answer.

The Americans Robert L. Hastings , 64, is on the stage of doubt out long. For him it is clear that there is extraterrestrial life. Point. Even more, the nature, traveling with high technology spaceships, the earth have regularly visited in the past. All that sounds spectacular and for a material for a new plant in the Rubik conspiracy. This is likely to have also the Kopp-Verlag from the Swabian Rottenburg thought. The company with a focus on esoteric and disinformation has now published a book Hastings' which with its title the same will put several exclamation points", UFOs and nuclear weapons Close Encounters near nuclear weapons depots."

Hastings claims to have spoken in the past 41 years with more than 140 former members of the US military about alleged UFO sightings near nuclear bases. From these statements - Hastings calls verklausuliert "anecdotal evidence" - and documents the US government derives Hastings that UFOs repeatedly floated since the 1950s about nuclear weapons bases and influenced even missiles in some cases. But why bro?

"The missiles disorders are of particular importance," writes Hastings, "because they probably represent a deliberate demonstration of capability and intent of our visitors." The author concludes as follows (not really new) message: "As long as nuclear weapons exist, they remain a threat to the future of humanity and the planet." Therefore..! the visits of extraterrestrials are an invitation to abolish the weapons. Aliens, your friend and helper? What is not refuted, could be true. Hastings cites in his book on a regular basis to the "Project Blue Book" and its precursors. The secret services of the US Air Force investigated from the year 1947 by the Base Wright-Patterson (Ohio) from UFO sightings. Overall, in this time more than 12:00 observations "strange phenomena" recorded and evaluated. The Air Force ended "Project Blue Book" in 1969 with the conclusion that "none of the reported UFOs ever there was an indication to have been a threat to national security or an alien aircraft".

Hastings sees this, Of course, not as a rebuttal for his assumption of regular visits from foreign worlds. He suspects rather the sheer inability to recognize the truth. "That is why I say that those who have read this book, and the idea that extraterrestrial visitors make to tamper with our nuclear weapons, still late, probably just do not see the wood for the trees." After all, as long as something is not refuted, it could be true indeed. Welcome to the world of the Kopp-Verlag.
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