The Geiger counter-additive for the iPhone

The Geiger counter-additive for the iPhone

The Geiger counter-additive for the iPhone
GARBAGE NEWS. iPhone app and is with detector for inexpensive Geiger counter. Since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Geiger counters are in short supply in Japan. Now the iPhone can however with app and detector in a kind of transform "people's Geiger counter". The app evaluates the measurement results and shows the measured radiation levels in the display of the iPhone on. 

The shortage of Geiger counters in Japan and concern for the population, according to Yuichiro Saito, led to the development of the iPhone Geiger counter the president of the company Sanwa Corp,. The iPhone is available in large numbers, the download "Geiger Bot" app as often and when to build the detector attachment (14 cm x 3 cm x 2.5 cm) faster and much less expensive a complete Geiger counter.

For the German market, the name "Geiger Fukushima" is not quite happy because the word "Geiger" in this country is rather brought in connection with a musician than with an iPhone-meter or a Geiger counter. So far there is for Geiger Fukushima also not make the German importer, an order is only possible directly through the Japanese online store - in Japanese.

The prices for Geiger counter and why the iPhone version is as low. Geiger Fukushima is offered for 9,800 yen in Japan. These are the equivalent of around 64 euros, a fraction of 440 Euro, currently representing Germany in the lowest price limit for Geiger counter. In Japan, prices for home appliances are with 580 Euro and even higher.

But even with the stand-alone Geiger counters movement will come in the prices, as the company Sanwa Corp has in addition to the iPhone version also a stand-alone version of the "Geiger Fukushima" on offer. This Geiger counter will cost 18,800 yen or converted 181 Euro and is thus still far below the previous level of prices for Geiger counter. Order can be both new Geiger counters through the online shop of the non-profit organization Eigyoshientai. The website is so far only in Japanese language. Smaller and more powerful Geiger counters are planned for the future, concrete dates for their appearance were not disclosed.
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