Tips For Dry Eyes

Tips For Dry Eyes

Tips For Dry Eyes
GARBAGE NEWS. In many countries suffers about one in six of dry eye and the trend is rising. Are you one of those affected? What causes dry eye? What can the trigger for the dry eye be? How can you treat your dry eyes?

What if you have dry eyes?
How is a dry eye? The tear film in your eyes basically consists of three layers:
1.The outer layer is a thin film of grease. It is intended to prevent the underlying aqueous layer evaporates too quickly.

2. The middle layer is aqueous. Inside are oxygen, trace elements and nutrients that feed your eye cells.

3. The lower layer, which is directly on the surface of the eye, called mucin layer. This mucus layer ensures that the tear film on your cornea and conjunctiva sticks and that the nutrients can provide your eyes enough.

If not enough tear fluid is present or if its composition is not correct, it may cause the tearing of the tear film. The cells of your eyes are no longer adequately supplied and there is inflammation and cell damage.

At the age our body produces less and less lachrymal fluid. For this reason, many elderly people suffer from dry eyes. But more and more young people are also affected, because there are other reasons for dry eye:

long VDU
long television
dry indoor air by radiators and air conditioning systems
wearing contact lenses
long car rides
strong sunlight
Loads the air with dust and pollen

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?
Your eyes feel tired.
You have a foreign body sensation or gritty feeling in your eyes.
Your eyes are watering, itching and burning.
Your eyes are red.

How can you treat your dry eyes themselves?
Meanwhile, some manufacturers put eye drops for dry eyes ago. Many of these products contain the highly water-binding hyaluronic acid, which enables effective moistening your eyes. I recommend you to use only preservative-free eye drops to your dry eyes, because preservatives can irritate your delicate eye additionally.

Tip: During sleep your eyes do not produce tears. It is therefore very important that you treat your eyes at night before going to sleep with an appropriate remedy for dry eyes. The eye drop (in some cases can also be an eye ointment needed) keep your eyes moist overnight.
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