Tips to reduce stress during the lunch break

Tips to reduce stress during the lunch break

Tips to reduce stress during the lunch break
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GARBAGE NEWS. Many workers complain of stress. To a certain degree it is also normal and necessary, because thereby the performance and to increase attention. However, if the stress is too large and can not be adequately compensated, created an unhealthy tension, which may result in diseases such as gastrointestinal problems or burnout in the long run.

Stress reduction in lunch break
Therefore, a stress reliever during the lunch break is recommended. This is possible with simple tips.

During the lunch break to leave the workplace. Many people have made it a habit to stay just sit in the break. The packed lunch is eaten overlooking the machine or the monitor. However, this is not recommended because it does not contribute to reduce stress during the lunch break. You should at least remove a piece of work equipment or turn it off, if this is not possible. If you spend your break at work, you should also turn off your phone or set at least silently. Just so you can enjoy the time off to then start with new energy.

Move to fresh air
Get your Power ration oxygen during lunch, because then you do the body and brain something good. Suffice it a short walk to reduce the work pressure. You can read in a book or close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. Also music helps to relax and drops the stress levels. This effectively contributes to reduce stress during the lunch break.

Yoga exercises
Especially if you have a stressful job, you should in between to turn off, the lunch break is ideal for stress reduction. Simple yoga exercises are helpful here, for example, the cat: To do this, imagine a table and place your palms on it. Now bend your upper body over the table. The head is placed between the arms. With your feet you now go back to your arms and upper body form a very straight line. The Po stretch far to the rear. There is evidence that sports help to reduce stress during the lunch break and can increase the performance. In some large companies, employees are therefore already yoga or fitness on site to provide compensation for job.

Take a nap
Now very popular trend is the so-called power napping. Here is the short sleep, which again ensures new energy and force, contributing significantly to reducing stress during the lunch break. For this you should choose a quiet place and deliberately close your eyes. Set to maximum half an hour and stop the flow of thought. The alarm clock The short duration is important so that you do not fall into deep sleep, because this leads to a drop in blood pressure, which make you feel even more tired after. After a power nap will make you feel more balanced and efficient in any case.
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