USB CUP WARMER. Just to the USB port plug it in and you will never need you on the computer again on cold coffee (or tea) to annoy! Who has a little idea, who knows that coffee the friend of all people with computer work. Many of them, however, have also been the dark side of drinking coffee get to feel. "Mmmmh". 

You think to yourself as you sit down with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in front of the computer, "delicious!" But then a few key messages, exciting sites and HTML codes come in between and you have forgotten your coffee. And If you then take the first sip, the coffee is colder than the feet of an emperor penguin (in winter!).

This would never have happened if you were equipped with a USB cup warmer. Simply connect via the USB port, place a cup on the small hot plate, done. No more cold coffee (or tea)! But this cup warmer has even more to offer: It is also a USB hub with four inputs. Very handy when on your computer does not have enough USB ports are free!

Important: The USB Cup Warmer is not designed to heat cold drinks, but should only keep hot drinks hot for longer! The optimum effect you will achieve with a cup with a relatively flat bottom. As a result, the contact area is maximized to the heating plate. The cup is not included.

Product Features USB Cup Warmer:
Diameter of the storage area measures 7.4 cm in diameter
USB hub with four inputs
Turning the heating function possible
If you will not be of the power deinses PCs dependent for some reason, we recommend our USB Power Adapter, which can be purchased.
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