Use these tips for dealing with difficult employees

Use these tips for dealing with difficult employees

tips for dealing with difficult employees
The cooperation with difficult colleagues, we can not choose us. But you can learn how to act in dealing with difficult employees. In the social environment of a business, there are by choleric until Intigranten any characters that make someone's working life to hell.

The Dealing with difficult employees
Before dealing with difficult employees disturbs your sleep and leads to poor concentration, you should stay cool.

If colleagues make working life a living hell
Rarely is the image that is often put into the right corner of the top management, the perfect team which states its "One for all and all for one" to implement. In almost every colleagues there are employees who make a working hard. Reckless career types or lazy colleagues, a drive to incandescence. If the pesky behavior regular part of private conversations, this can degenerate into a personal exposure, which can lead to sleep problems, lack of concentration, but also frustration and demotivation.

Dealing with difficult employees
The consequence of this is, do not go more like to work. The behavior of colleagues distracts you and you spend more time to get angry than to be productive. Therefore, it should also be located on your part, to a good working relationship.

Stay cool
You could just explode again because the "oh so nice colleagues" are ready to burst. Prevent this by a deep breath and count to ten inwardly. Dealing with difficult employees, called "remain objective". No matter what he brings across, just take it personally. Where this places them in a situation of conflict, stress hormones are released, which paralyze the brain.

But the subconscious takes control and makes you say things or do what the adversary again helps for the course. When dealing with difficult employees we face each other with collegial relationship problems often self-defeating. Questioning yourself yet again why you do not like the fellow. For example, because of jealousy comes on the agenda, perhaps because he is a little better than you. Before you get into an intolerable situation, but you jump over your shadow and accept him just the way he is.

Backbiting should be taboo
Backbiting with colleagues about the obnoxious staff, is for many like medicine. Backbiting is like a valve and you want to know confirmed his own opinion. Therefore applies, do not gossip about the employees because ultimately can come back this carriage and you will yourself to the obnoxious person. In addition, supervisors love not this behavior. Backbiting does not clarify the fronts, there they hardened and even the work climate is suffering even more.

Find the conversation
Search talking to your "opponents". If you feel from the behavior of colleagues disturbed and suffering your work in a team including a clarifying conversation should take place. It reproaches and accusations are not wanted. Respond with factual words and let the others also have their say. Perhaps it is only an insignificant behavior that can be resolved with a conversation.
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