Vooni Video Grabber

Vooni Video Grabber

Vooni Video Grabber
Vooni Video Grabber. How easy it is to save from the attic the videotapes! Digitize your video tapes directly to a memory card. For this you do not even need a computer. Are you one of those people who still have old video treasures hoarded in the attic? The trip to Greece, Aunt Leni's wedding, the first steps of the children who saukomische Video of the booze in 1995 ... Everything included. Sure, you had the better on DVD, on the PC or in the legendary "Cloud"! Actually not matter where, the main thing where you can look at it without any fuss!

By Vooni Video Grabber it is now child's play the tapes to digitize. It includes the film camera, the VCR player or video recorder which also always on, put a memory card into the Vooni Video Grabber and presses record. The movie is playing and how transmitted magically to the memory card while you can even view the display it.

Except that you've backed up your movies now and for all time, the Grabber offers a multitude of other possibilities. You can play the movie on TV, transferred to the computer and edit or burn it to a DVD. No matter what you envision, your movie treasure is now no longer just a dusty box in the attic, but something that you can look at you whenever you feel like it. At the latest at the next family reunion you can pocket the success!

Product features Vooni Video Grabber:
Videotapes at your fingertips digitize!
VHS is transmitted directly to a memory card
On the display you see in real time what is being transmitted
A computer is not in use, it is enough a memory card
Can be imported following formats: Video8, Hi8, SVHS, VHS, DVD and more
Snapshot function: By pressing a button you can make the screen snapshots
The unit comes with an RCA cable connected to a video source (RCA cable and scart adapter included)
The films are stored on microSD (not included, but can be ordered on this page)
One can also look at everything right on your television. For this purpose the Vooni Video Grabber is connected via AV or HDMI
Operating with the built-in battery or power adapter
Video Format: VGA 640 x 480 / QVGA (320 x 240)
File format: avi
Compression Format: H.264
File size: approximately 13-15 MB per minute
Contents of the box:
Vooni Video Grabber
AV cable
USB cable
4.5-V power adapter
RCA cable
RCA to scart adapter
Instructions in u. A. German and English
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