Wahoo heart rate

Wahoo heart rate

Wahoo heart rate
Wahoo heart rate. belt Simply the strap around your chest to on the iPhone / Android your favorite app start to train - and off you go! Your heart rate is measured throughout the training, so that you will receive detailed information about your pulse!

You're now really serious about the training? You run, radelst, swim or run a Tor other sports? Hats off! The next step is to gather statistics and accurate information! Because we all know that - who can rattle off information about its calories, kilometers and other stuff, which is a successful person. And the most successful are people who still can rattle off information on your heart rate.

The Wahoo heart rate belt (or Wahoo Blue HR, as it is also called) you attaching them easily around your chest, connect it via Bluetooth with your iPhone / Android, fire up your favorite sports app, for example Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Endomondo or by around fifty other (there is also still Wahoos own free app Wahoo Fitness app). And the rest is self-evident: While you bring your body in shape, the Wahoo heart rate belt keeps your heart rate under control. And then you have to tell what really only during the lunch break!

Product features Wahoo heart rate belt:
Comfortable heart rate strap that transmits all data on your iPhone / Android!
Model name: Wahoo Blue HR
Secured with an elastic strap on the upper body
The belt length can be regulated
Bluetooth wireless technology
Also collects data when the wireless connection is suspended for iPhone
Compatible with iPhone (4S or newer), iPad (3rd generation and later) and iPod Touch (Generation 5 and above) and Android version 4.3 and later
Sweat- and water-resistant (up to 1.5 meters)
Total weight: 45 grams
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