Wahoo Kickr; Power Trainer

Wahoo Kickr; Power Trainer

Wahoo Kickr
Wahoo Kickr - PowerTrainer Turn your bike a stationary bike! You just need the rear wheel by Wahoo Kickr replace, and you're using iPhone, iPad or computer to the virtual race tracks in the world go. The electromagnetically controlled resistance allows a particularly realistic driving experience! The interest for the bicycle as a fitness machine is constantly increasing. One could almost say: Cycling is the new running! But how beautiful it may be, when you step out neatly on the pedals - not always you have the chance. For example, in ice or in the middle of the big city with all its traffic lights and cars.

Therefore Wahoo Kickr brings cycling to a whole new level! You simply unscrew from the rear and replaces it with Wahoo Kickr. Then the whole syncing with your iPhone / iPad / computer - and you're ready to get started. Using the advanced technology of Wahoo Kickr you determine the resistance while cycling on your iPhone. But that's not all! You can download manager and then play a lot of videos of routes, for example, the free app Kinomap. In other words: You radelst in your living room, but on the screen you are in Italy or France go while Kickr resistance adjusts precisely to the climb and descent on the video.

Wahoo Kickr is the first iPhone-synchronized stationary bike in the world. For this it is still extremely quiet and offers a super realistic driving experience. Not to mention what can train yourself in order for a firm ass to remember!

Product features Wahoo Kickr - PowerTrainer:
Perfect Hometrainer for mounting on your normal bike and for control via your iPhone!
Compatible with iPhone (4S and later), iPad (3rd generation and later), Macbook Pro with BTLE and PC with ANT
Realistic driving experience thanks electromagnetically controlled resistance
Suitable for bikes between 24 "and 29"
Connection via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT +
Possible use with the free app Wahoo Fitness app, you set on the resistance and the simulation mode on the basis of your weight / bike type / air resistance, etc. activate
With the app you can Kinomap virtual cycle on routes that have filmed other cyclists before!
The exercise bike has a low-noise operation and does not interfere as the environment
Dimensions: 65 x 55 x 30 cm
Weight: 21.3 kg
Scope of supply:
Kickr PowerTrainer
12-25 Shimano / SRAM-compatible 10-speed cassette
Mountain Bike Adapter (135mm)
Adjusting fixturing supports Kickr
Power cable
Hydraulic brake on mountain bikes
Product features Wahoo mat:

Mat For your Wahoo Kickr
6 mm thick / thick
Dimensions: 92.0 x 200.0 cm
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