WowWee MIP robot

WowWee MIP robot

WowWee MIP robot
WowWee MIP robot. Robots with more features than you can count! He is movement controlled App controlled, can carry objects, boxing, fighting with lasers and dancing. Pretty much robot for your money! Robots incredibly fun, that's a well-known fact. And MIP is perhaps the coolest robot ever. It rolls on two wheels around like a small Segway, and he does understand you too.

Holding the palm before MIP and it stops. Waving aside and MIP from bends. Move the hand on MIP and he is reversing. That means of course that MIP also stops and changes direction when he is about to go against a chair leg, a wall or a puppy. You can also completely control the free MIP app, you can invite you to your phone or tablet MIP. You can either control the buttons, whether it is to move forward, backward or in circles. Or do you simply draw a line directly on the screen - and MIP moves the car to the ground after.

But the smart MIP robot can also serve you. It comes with a small plastic tray, with the small Robbi can carry objects that are as hard as he did. A can of soda, for example, a glass of gin and tonic or a brick.

Did you two MIPS not simply means double the fun - we find in Cool Stuff that quadrupled the fun at least. You can use them against each other or let them fight a boxing Laser Battle. And yes: Of course, MIP may also in time dancing to the music that you choose for him. In other words, since there is not much to think about. You get just a whole lot of robots for your money.

Product features WowWee MIP robots:
Movement and app-controlled robot with a huge number of functions!
From 8 years
Powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
Rolls and poised unassisted
Battery Life: 4-6 hours (when used as directed)
Communication with smartphone / tablet is effected via Bluetooth
The free MIP app (iOS / Android) may be downloaded and used
On the supplied tray the robot objects can weighing up to his own body weight transport (0.6 kg)
26 x 17 x 13 cm
Weight: 0.6kg
Box contents:
1 MIP robot
1 Balance tray
1 Stand
1 sheet Sticker
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