5 tips to save your vehicle fuel

5 tips to save your vehicle fuel

5 tips to save vehicle fuel
Who uses less fuel, is not only easy on the wallet, but also the environment. An economical driving therefore pays off twice. The following guide explains 5 useful tips on how to save fuel.

Vehicle fuel
5 tips on how to save fuel How to save gasoline? Here you can read as:

Tip # 1: Looking ahead
An anticipatory driving you achieve a regular exercise at a constant speed. Each starting and accelerating the vehicle consumes a lot of fuel. You should upshift quickly. In addition, an early switch saves fuel. If you leave the vehicle ahead enough space, you can compensate for irregularities in the flow of traffic better, allowing you to save fuel. Drive to an obstacle, such as a red light, you can use the existing vehicle momentum and engage the idle.

Tip 2: No excessive speed
110 km / h on the highway much more economical, as for example, with 150 km / h drive. Also important is a constant speed. When 15-minute drive 100 kph and the next half an hour 150, this consumes more fuel than if you drive smoothly with 110 or 120 km / h.

Tip 3: No unnecessary weight in your car
Each kilogram of weight, which is located in the vehicle, increases fuel consumption. Particularly luggage on the roof loaded very heavily on the tank. It is therefore important to carry only the essentials. The roof rack for example, should rather be stored in the basement, because that you can always, if you use the car, save fuel. The air conditioning is actually a real gas-guzzlers.

Tip 4: Pay attention to correct tire pressure
By a lack of pressure in the tires of the fuel consumption is also increased because the rolling resistance is greater. In addition, the life of the tire decreases. The safety when braking decreases. The pressure should always be checked with cold tires.

Tip # 5: Only use Auto if needed
Avoid short journeys that you could do on foot or by bike. A cold car consumes up to 100 percent more fuel. The consumption has returned to normal only after about five kilometers, because as long as it takes until the engine is at operating temperature. Also very harmful to the engine and the environment is to allow the engine to warm up in the state is. Gentle reaches its operating temperature of these when you start driving fuel-efficient immediately after starting.

Conclusion: The fuel is becoming increasingly expensive. With an economical car can be a little left unchecked. But really you can only save fuel, if you adjust your driving style accordingly and follow the tips mentioned.
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