Android: How to create ringtones from songs

Android: How to create ringtones from songs

Android: How to create ringtones from songs
Ringtones are one of the easiest ways to give your Android phone an individual touch. Fortunately, you have to create the sounds do not resort to the rather expensive offers from Google Play, as well as with an app can be great sounds create. As simple as that, you will learn in this post.

Cut out your mp3 files in no time ringtones for your Android smartphone. Android offers an easy way to replace the rather boring default ringtone of smartphones through a personal sound. If you want, you can even assign each contact on your device its own ring tone. Likewise, beeps that sound when the input of SMS and Co. can be exchanged easily. My sounds can be very simple trim from MP3 files that are stored on your smartphone. By using matching app that succeeds in no time.

To create a custom ringtone
If you want to create a ringtone for Android, it is advisable to use an MP3 file as a template. From the complete song then cut out a distinctive place as the chorus to save it as a separate ring tone file. For the music section, you can use the free app Ringdroid. After starting the application you will find a list of all stored on your phone sounds, and MP3 files.

-Select the song you want to use as a template. With a larger selection, the search quickly leads to the goal. The title will be loaded and displayed on the screen. Now place on the slider or enter the time manually on the bottom of the start or end point fixed, you want to cut as a ringtone from the entire song. The result you can always check button on the "play".

-If you are satisfied with the result, tap the disk icon at the top of the surface to save the title. Enter a name for the file and determine whether the sound as a ringtone, sound is to be stored for the alarm clock or a signal for alerts.

-You can then determine the sound newly created as default ringtone or assign the sound to a specific contact in your address book.

To change the default ringtone retrospectively Android
Since you can at any time and create new ringtones free with Ringdroid, you need to change the sound as possible later. Just go to the "Settings" on your smartphone, then select in the "Personal" tab, select "Personalize" from. Once there, tap "ringtone". In a list, see now in addition to all standard tones that the smartphone maker has deposited on the device and the sounds you created by Ringdroid. Now select just the sound of which is to be used as default ringtone.
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