Breathing in meditation

Breathing in meditation

Breathing in meditation
On breathing meditation, you can protect yourself from stress and overwork, calm down in different situations and himself more attention. The advantage of the exercises is the fact that you are everywhere, so can perform well in the office the breathing meditation.

Breathing Meditation
How to use the breathing meditation. The primary criteria are a comfortable position and rest so that you are not disturbed by environmental noise or external influences. The break in the office is the ideal time to direct your thinking for a moment on breathing and her body feeling. The more experienced you are in the breathing meditation, the more helpful this practice is for a stress-free workday.

What is breathing meditation and how to apply it?
Like any form of meditation are also breathing exercises to come with body and soul, and to move away from external influences. Surely you know the saying "take a deep breath" is known, which is often used in the context of high challenges or stress. Following the same principle work breathing exercises that allow you to be quiet and much better able to adapt to the challenges of everyday life.

In general you need for breathing exercises a comfortable seat, which is found on your office chair, but also on a yoga mat in the office. Sit relaxed in the back cross-legged and place your arms on your legs. Now close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and out through your mouth again. Just concentrate on breathing and on nothing else. This is best if you count the breaths, choosing the numbers 1 to 10. After ten times breath meditation you can go back to the day's work, or to make a repeat after a brief pause.

The breathing meditation in stress situations
In order to calm down directly in the course of a stressful or very stressful situation through meditation, heard a little practice and experience. As you perform the breathing exercises every day already in the office, on the train or even at home, you can use the time producing a state of rest by itself and hide the outside world for a moment.

Advanced users can use the breathing meditation while standing and so find, for example before exams or on the way to talk with the supervisor to inner peace. You can not close your eyes, but focus on a point in your area and offer views rest on. Now breathe deeply through your nose, out through your mouth and repeat 10 times.

Sounds and movements around you, you will not irritate, because your focus is solely on the distant point, and to the count your breaths. After the last exhalation you are prepared for the situation and to calm and react and use your balance also advantageous in strong nervous stress.
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