Details of hobbies in your CV - useful or not?

Details of hobbies in your CV - useful or not?

Details of hobbies in your CV - useful or not?
On the theme "Details of hobbies in your resume" differ in some respects the spirits. What solutions are ideal and why it makes sense to provide personal interests in your resume, please read the following article.

Hobbies in CV
Details of hobbies in your CV - useful or not? Today, it seems often to belong to the zeitgeist, to stand for nothing and to make possible no information about the own personality. Even a number of HR professionals advises to mention any hobbies in your CV.

Normally, there is nothing, at the end of the resume to list his personal interests - as long as the list of hobbies is not much longer than that relating to the career and completed basic and advanced training. It would seem rather strange, if only one professional station and training are mentioned in the CV, the list of personal interests but includes more than ten terms.

What interests you better not call anyway
Things like Tarot, Astrology, commuting - ie anything that can be assigned in the narrower or broader sense of esotericism - should not be specified, because herewith you would possibly create a very questionable picture of yourself, especially the suspicion could arise that you not so much dealing with real work to be done, but rather with supernatural things, under which then ultimately suffers the work.

The wide room for interpretation in some hobbies
If you engage in your free time a team sport such as football, handball, volleyball, etc., this usually indicates a strong team orientation as a team only works as a whole and not by each team member tries to profile as a lone fighter is.

Nevertheless, there will certainly be one or two recruiters who rather thinks twice about whether you might not disproportionately often fail due to injuries. Here then grab too often personally colored perceptions of the respective coupler persona that hides the positive aspects such as team working and only sees the potential negative consequences of such hobbies.

If you specify more unusual hobbies such. B. French cuisine you might want reckon with demands in the job interview. However, a prerequisite for the indication of such hobbies is that you instead of actually understand something of the matter, this only indicate to impress. What matters is not good if it turns out in an interview that you really have no idea of ​​your stated hobby.

Even with less unusual hobbies such as reading, it is not good when you can only answer the question what you read aktuell "daily" or "program guide". You should already be able to call at least two books that you read currently reading or recently.

As a general rule when specifying Hobbies: You can not please everyone there - what one finds a positive and exciting, causes the other to negative associations. Moreover, while applying your personal and professional skills should be at the forefront and not the things you do in your spare time.
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