Force shut down a running computer is harmful!

Force shut down a running computer is harmful!

Tips on how to turn off your computer
Loss of data, broken operating system, destroyed hard drive are all terms that are always mentioned when talking about the consequences of wanting to turn off a running computer. But these warnings actually vote? Not always. If you want to learn more about what can happen if you simply turn off your current computer, then read on.

Turn Off Computer
It is not harmful if you turn off your computer using the off button! What really happens when you turn off your computer running? If your computer is bogged down, does nothing more and the mouse depends, then often only remains pressing the shut down button as a last resort. Many, however, have this fear that this could harm your computer.

This fear is unfounded. If your PC is stuck, then the off button is the only solution. Neither the hard disk is damaged, even the processor, even the operating system. The only downside is that unsaved data will be lost. Furthermore, you will receive warnings when you restart your computer, shut it down next time properly. You should also observe these basic rules. If damage occurs nevertheless times when you just turn off your computer, then it is not in principle but in the power-off process per se. The destroyed files or systems will already have been damaged beforehand.

Tips on how to turn off your computer
Basically, you should therefore continue to turn off your computer by using the "Start button". A useful tip is also easy to change the function of your power need. Click with the right mouse button on an empty space on your desktop. Now go to the subject field "properties." Then, select the "Screen Saver." Bottom right there in that window the button "Power Management,".

If you in the "Power Management", then you now select the "Advanced." In the lower half of the new window can be found then the item "When I press the power button on my computer" and a drop-down menu. There is at this time usually just "Shut down the computer." Change this but now "call to action selection." In Confirm your choice with "OK" until all the windows are closed again.

Now, if you want to turn off your computer in the future, where you just use the off button, then you will like, automatically asked about the "start button" if you turn off your computer, restart, or want to send in respite.
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