Hand massage acts on the whole organism

Hand massage acts on the whole organism

Hand massage acts on the whole organism
The hand massage acts on the whole organism. Through hands run numerous nerves. The hands should be viewed not only as the gripping tools of the human body, but also be perceived as sensitive probes that allow the execution of complex tasks. Are hands massaged, you can not only watch the relaxation hands, but you will also notice that the whole body relaxes.

Hand Massage
Relaxation to the cranial nerves
A hand massage is like a foot massage. Therefore, a similar effect is brought about as a foot massage through it. In the manual transmission some cranial nerves that are responsible for example for the supply of the neck and shoulders. Therefore, it is not uncommon that a relaxation in the shoulder and neck area is reached about the loosening and kneading hands.

Due to the numerous nerves that run through the hands, a hand massage affects the whole organism. Particularly beneficial massage of the hands is experienced if you have a job that requires a lot of tact. Depending on whether you have a massage or massage your hands for the first time, you should still pay attention to a few rules.

Self massage the hand
Before the start of the hand massage, it is important that you warm up your hands in a water bath and relax. The water should have a temperature of 40-45 ° C. Add essential additives and relax in a quiet music.

Decide now whether you prefer to use massage oil or massage cream. If you make a self-massage of hands for the first time, oil is recommended. You can now start with the spreading of the individual fingers by taking each finger between the thumb and forefinger, and glide toward finger end. This can now be repeated 3 to 4 times.

Following this, you can use the palm and palm massage. This is done by placing the palm of the hand on the back of the hand and perform with your thumb gentle, circular motion with light pressure.

Be careful when you massage clockwise to do this then also counterclockwise. The back of the hand should be massaged gently because here run single tendon that can cause an unpleasant sensation not only, but can also be injured. Massage the back of the hand parallel to the tendons history by smearing with moving the hand movements.

Finally, the hand should be again spread over a large area and you should then rest again to intensify the relaxation effect. In addition to essential oils, you can also include massage balls in the hand massage with. This rain again in addition to the blood circulation. With a regular hand massage promote the mobility of your hands, stimulate blood circulation and enhance your own wellbeing.
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