Holidays in Thailand with children

Holidays in Thailand with children

Holidays in Thailand with children
Holidays in Thailand with children: Yes or No? A trip to Southeast Asia is not entirely risk-free, which is why many parents are deterred from so to take a trip with her children. Here Thailand is an extremely child-friendly country and with the necessary preparation is this holiday no problem at all!

A holiday in Thailand offers more than just relaxing on the beach. Thailand has enjoyed years of many tourists very popular. It's permanently warm, the food is delicious, the cost of living is low and the beaches beautiful. Both many package tourists and especially backpackers have discovered Thailand for themselves and boost the economy there.

From families with children Thailand is often ruled out as a tourist destination: "The long flight", "too hot", "too many risks and dangers" and "what to eat our child there?" are just some of the reasons why this destination (or in general Asia) is often not taken into consideration from the outset. In this case, a trip to Thailand are a great experience with the kids in tow that is never a problem for the little ones.

Vaccinations and first aid kit
It is crucial that parents and their children prepare well for the journey. These include the most important vaccinations such as polio, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A and for longer stays also hepatitis B and a possible malaria prophylaxis that can be carried in tablet form. Also a good first aid kit can not hurt, although you can buy in Thailand all the necessary medications in the pharmacy (and mostly still much cheaper than in europe).

As children survive the long flight?
For the long flight (11-15 hours, depending on your connection) toys should be taken depending on the age of the children, so that they can be employed in the aircraft. For babies, there are many airlines special baby beds, in which laid the infants and then there can sleep peacefully. Older children often look forward to the on-board entertainment and are happy to be able to watch a few hour movies or series.

The first row in the aircraft is basically intended as a parent-child series and can be reserved in advance. There is more space than in the normal rows and the child can get on the floor a little wide and play there or there is just the special baby bed into place.
Shade and water over high heat help

Once in Thailand, it may be that the hot and humid climate makes to create the children, so it is important to feed them significantly more liquid than at home. The midday heat was avoided and only the shadows are visited primarily anyway.

For the delicate skin of children, parents should have sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 in the luggage and in addition also a hat and long-sleeved, lightweight clothing.

Children can feed during a trip to Thailand
As for the food, parents can take food from Germany for their babies. Baby food but is also available in Thailand or can also be cooked from locally purchased vegetables in the kitchen of an apartment itself.

Even some older children can - as far as they like - as in Thailand feed the adults. Rice, chicken and the delicious curries and soups as well as make fresh fruit is not a health risk, as long as everything cooked long enough or - was peeled - the fruit.

Not too spicy, it should be
Only the focus should parents look for when eating their children and maybe try this in advance. Children take sharpness significantly more aware than adults, which is why it should be taken at the food order. Especially in the tourist areas in Thailand there are also Western-style restaurants, where that can be supplied with small pizza, chips and pasta, if you feel like it.

Kinderparadies in Thailand
The peculiarity of Thailand and the Asian region in general is that children are there very welcome. As a family, you will consciously perceived by many Thais as individual tourists and the interest and kindness are even greater.

Children are welcomed everywhere with open arms and front irritated eyes if the child is restless again, one need in Thailand, at least by the locals not to be afraid. Many restaurants offer children something directly for games, crafts or painting on, so that the little ones are busy and, like the parents at ease.

The children should be prepared for the journey
When the kids are big enough to be a lot of talk with them in advance, so that they can prepare for the journey. Go ran all participants with the necessary relaxation and a thorough preparation on the holiday, even a long-distance trip in the exotic Thailand with children is not a problem.
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