How to edit PDF files without software

How to edit PDF files without software

How to edit PDF files without software
PDFs are currently widespread in the Internet. The file format is perfect to summarize texts, tables and graphs in a compact document. But most expensive programs are needed for working with PDF documents. How do you handle all important PDF jobs for free and without any additional programs, refer to this post.

Editing PDF
Catch up on all the major work on PDF files easily through the browser. Have you ever wished to convert a PDF file into a Word document without the contents are shaken up? In older versions of Office, this feature is not part of the standard. Or Have you ever wanted an application that you have written with Word output as a PDF document without the need for expensive software is used? These and many other conversion work around the popular file format you can run on any computer with Internet access easily - without the purchase of an expensive PDF software.

Shrink a PDF file on the Internet
Especially when PDF files are created using a scanner or put together with lots of graphics, the target file is often very large. What is problematic in the storage on the hard disk if enough space is available, can become a problem when sending an e-mail if the total allowable size for an e-mail attachment is exceeded by the recipient. Of particular importance is a compact format and with applications, so that the personnel managers not already downloading your PDF documents loses interest.

A simple compression can be reached, without any installed software, via the Internet service SmallPDF. Call the page just in your browser, and then drag your PDF file in the marked area for the website. The file will then be automatically compressed. The result you download with one click.

Juggle with PDF files by formats
But the service SmallPDF suitable not only for compressing PDF files. You can also perform many conversions between different formats from or to PDF. Just select from the toolbar, which convert you want. At your disposal are JPG> PDF, PDF> JPG, Office> PDF and PDF> Office. In addition, several PDFs can be joined to a document and disassemble multi-page PDFs in items. Have you lost your password for a PDF file can also help the offer. The latter works, unfortunately, as our tests show, not always.
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