How to motivate your employees

How to motivate your employees

How to motivate your employees
Employee motivation is the basic framework for a company's success. Only motivated employees enjoy working and bring the desired conversion. But how do you motivate best when no money for bonuses is there? And why is almost always assumed that premiums in the form of financial support is the key to success?

Motivate employees without premium
5 tips on how to motivate your employees without premium. Anyone who thinks of premiums for particularly good performance, who thinks in the first step of money: on an additional dividend, a pay raise or a bonus that is always paid if a certain entrepreneurial objective will be achieved. Probably your employees think and be happy if you take the word premiums in the mouth. But it need not always be the premium, move the employees to perform well and to particularly creative as well as useful ideas. Employee motivation can be done differently. If you want to motivate your employees without premium, think less complex. Think for yourself what you would be happy.

For many employees, it is already enough premium when they praised her boss once before the assembled troops. Utter praise for outstanding achievement in front of the entire workforce and thus to emphasize the importance of the employee for the company over all other employees, is a very good feeling and encouraged the path to pursue. Often it is a praise worth more than a financial contribution because the other employees noticed it.

You may also update your employees to whom you want to send a "premium" to dinner once. A meal in a relaxed atmosphere with the boss, in which can not be talked about the job necessarily, but about everyday things, is also a big compliment and shows employees the appreciation that you have towards them.

The same applies to a small gift in the form of a voucher, which you can use to motivate employees without premium and can be used flexibly. Very happy staff also discounts accepted. If you have a manufacturing company, which manufactures products of which your employees can also benefit, then a discount of granted staff be worth more than any premium that you pay out every now and then.

Perform also a family-friendly company, which allows it, the job and family can be well connected to each other, this is also your employees are happy and are considered an incentive for particularly good work performance. Because there are not many companies that take care of the families of their employees and allow working hours and leave arrangements so that they are suitable for family life.

In addition, you can motivate employees without premium, if you offer a pension fund or a direct insurance policy for them. The state pension is always uncertain and no longer brings the hedge that you could wish for age. Provide additional support in this regard to, you can easily motivate employees without premium.
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