How to overcome jetlag without stress

How to overcome jetlag without stress

How to overcome jetlag without stress
Whether leisure or business: People who drive long distances by plane, who is struggling generally with the effects of jetlag. As a result, there are symptoms such as insomnia, lack of concentration or headache, make a after arriving problems. With a little advance planning and some meaningful advice can be the jet lag without stress survive.

Jetlag without stress
To make it to overcome the jetlag without stress. Who wants to overcome jet lag as possible without stress, should first understand the background once. Air travel across several time zones are so problematic because they confuse the body clock of a human being. The modified time is not initially registered once by the body and therefore it runs so on, as if you were still at home.

This leads to the aforementioned symptoms and provides mainly for sleeping problems. Fortunately, the problem arises only when a greater number of time zones overflown. One or two hour time difference make for the body is not a problem and can be compensated without stress. Quite different, however, things look in five, six or more time zones.

Travel to the West
How best to deal with the issue of jet lag depends on a large extent on the direction in which we are heading. In principle, however that you get used to most likely without stress to the changes, if you quickly adapt to the time in the destination country. Travel to the West mean that you get one hour per time zone. To quickly recover from the jet lag, you should go in the days before the trip, therefore, possible to bed late. In this way you can already adapt to the later sleep time.

In addition, it is recommended, during the flight to sleep very little and instead to go in the destination in the evening at a normal time to bed. Otherwise, it is even more difficult to adapt to without stress. To stay awake, short walks aboard and protein-rich food such as cheese, eggs or fish are very useful. Both help to suppress the fatigue.

Travel to the East
In contrast to the Journey to the West, is sleeping right on board the aircraft when the flight to the East. Due to the fact that you lose hours, it is recommended that as much as possible to sleep on board to overcome the jetlag without stress. Prior to the flight, you should also go to bed early as possible. Thus, the internal clock can adjust to the future circumstances ever.

Moreover, one should preferably stop after landing in the sun. This applies regardless of whether you are traveling to the East or the West. By sunlight melatonin production is inhibited, resulting in that the body adapts quickly and jet lag overcomes.
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