How to Photograph in autumn light

How to Photograph in autumn light

How to Photograph in autumn light

A golden autumn is a perfect landscape motif. The autumn leaves transform the whole area into a gloriously colorful play of colors. When the sun shines, the colors are very bright to bear.

Photographing in autumn light
Learn how to use the autumn light perfect for your motifs in this photo tip. The early bird catches the worm Who does not know this sentence. And it is, at least in the photograph, if applicable. Because in the early morning hours you will experience a pleasant lighting atmosphere, which is perfect for your autumn photos. Photograph best before sunrise. Then the sun is a little lower in the sky. This gives you a long and subtle shadows and a harmonious light temperature. Through the shadows created this fascinating contours.

Autumn Photos lunchtime
The midday sun ensures short and dark shadows that can ruin many landscapes. The motifs are sometimes flat and unattractive. But that's why you have to put away your camera in any way. Go instead prefer the woods. The leaves are illuminated directly at the sun stands high and act as particularly splendid.

And quite impressive shots you succeed in backlight. When the sun's rays make their way through the treetops, then the ideal moment for a fantastic autumn Photo has come. These pictures make only the attraction of the Fall Photography.

Exciting shots at dusk
The dusk is ideal for perfect autumn photos. About an hour before sunset is the best time to shoot fantastic, moody autumn photos.

However, the sunset is even becoming a popular photo opportunity. Search therefore in time a suitable place where you can best photograph this spectacle. To later do not lose valuable time when the sun goes down.

Tips for post
If you discover later that the colors do not shine as they desired it, then do not fret. Image editing programs like Photoshop or GIMP will help prepare the colors.

So can the lighting mood or the color tones with a photo filter selectively increase or decrease. Important: Make of your images always a backup before you edit it. Certain changes can not later be undone. So edit always the copy and keep the original until their copy. Exclusive Offers! Now, however, we would like also not hide how you can make color changes in Photoshop. Follow these steps to:

- Open the image in Photoshop and click on the horizontal menu bar, click Image> Adjustments> Selective Color.

- Ideally, you can adjust only the red and yellow colors. Select this from the correction areas in the pop-up menu and change them to your liking. This allows the changes follow immediately, select beforehand from the preview function.

- The color mood you reinforce by lightly color the grays yellowish and reddish.

- The white areas should of course not be discolored. Therefore, you should also increase the intensity of the whites.

- Finally, you take now before a Levels. Proceed again to Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast and increase the contrast slightly. The image also on bright light.

Tip: Use your autumn photos for your very own photo calendars. Take pictures suitable for not only perfect - you can present your pictures with it in a very special form. Showcase your best photos together and look forward to every day of your successful works. But not only you, the calendar joy. Give this but to friends and relatives. This gift is very special and will give you great pleasure.
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