How to say "No" Friendly

How to say "No" Friendly

How to say "No" Friendly
Just Say No. If a co-worker, a friend or the boss says something, it is difficult for many people to say simply Not, but sometimes is getting bad, because if you always say yes, you can get into trouble fast times. Some good tips on how to say no friendly can be found below here.

Tip 1: Say No friendly
NO is much better accepted by most interlocutors, if you for a good argument or a reason to specify. If you justify your saying no and namely, the other can better comprehend and understand. This is not always the reason plays a role, but often it's enough that you can ever give a reason.

If you argue that no friendly noted the interlocutor that you please not just refuse, but also have a real reason. If the boss z. B. asks if you can stay longer and you do not have time in the day, you should always present an argument. A simple no without a reason can also awaken the impression that you just have no desire to work overtime.

Tip 2: Put sometimes priorities and learn, right way to say no
If you say no, you have yourself set priorities for the things that are important to you. If you always respond namely with a "yes", set your priorities and other people can also take advantage of fast times. If NO, but also the tone and type plays an important role. Always remain calm and objective and try always friendly to say no. At the same time you should also definitely say no, so it comes across as credible for the other. But you should also not refuse any request, but find a healthy balance.
Tip 3: You find compromises

Anyone can one or the other please refuse but who always says no, can also quickly sidelined times. That's why you should sometimes enter into compromises and sometimes offer a counterproposal. If a friend or co-worker asks you for something, you can do also say No and simultaneously propose another offer. This feeling that you have priorities Although arises nevertheless always are open to other suggestions.
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