How to write an English CV

How to write an English CV

How to write an English CV
Meanwhile, it is not uncommon to apply his knowledge on jobs in other European countries, for example in the UK. But be careful: Even when applying lurk some obstacles. For an English CV is more than just a translation of the most countries.

English CV
To write an English CV. What to look for in an English CV, Differences in English CVs. While a most european resume with the training begins and runs forward in time, an English CV is reversed chronological generally. Start with your most recent activity (or, at young professionals, training) and then list other issues anti-chronological order. Unlike the German CV is the English not confined to one side: up to two pages are acceptable.

It is particularly important to consider the different grading systems in schools and universities. To make no false image produced during future employer in the UK, it is best to inform yourself exactly about the right "conversion" of notes. In order to increase the understanding further, should umlauts and "ß" are resolved in each letter, so place names and other untranslatable names can be easily researched.

The CV in English - that must also be taken into account
An English CV is overwritten with "Curriculum Vitae" or "CV". A photo is always off-limits (except the employer wants it) - because it is not primarily about you as a person, but to your skills. For the same reasons also the year of birth, marital status, origin and religion should be concealed. Write. Only your name and contact details on the CV

Specifying a "Personal Profile" or "Summary" stitch point below which you describe yourself briefly, however, is common. To provide experiences to the fore, an English resume next previous jobs should there contain incurred tasks. In some industries, a separate list item "Achievements" included major contracts, major customers and in-house awards.

Useful tips for Final
It should go without saying that your English CV is thoroughly proofread, at most by a native speaker who is familiar with the conventions of style. It is also helpful to the CV with the line "references available on request" complete - but make sure that you actually have referees who are willing to give meaningful and positive information. Even better is to note the contact details of people (maximum three) already on your CV is. An English CV is also not dated or signed.
"Best of luck" for your application!
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