How to write a letter of complaint

How to write a letter of complaint

How to write a letter of complaint
Who among us does not know this: the new TV in the living room, and is ready connected, but something seems not to work. But now the device has apparently a loose connection, is constantly by itself off and back on and leads downright own life. A complaint is essential in this case.

Letter of complaint patterns
How to write a letter of complaint. Exercise their rights. But it need not be a example in which it is such an expensive device that you have bought. It may also be the pants that you have bought in the store. There still found to be flawlessly, arises at home on closer inspection found that the nice pants already has a small hole. So what to do?

Most of us immediately think of it, return the bought goods and get a functioning intact or replacement. While the right of return is often dependent on the goodwill of the seller, it is for goods that were bought new and have a defect, always possible to exchange them. Or maybe not?

Whether expensive or not expensive, which is anyway in the eye of the beholder, we still have a right to reclaim our goods. However, it is not easy for everyone to return to the seller and those asking for it to take care of the problem. We are embarrassed or uncomfortable, we are afraid that the seller gives us the blame for the failure, and in our minds, the purest horror scenario plays. But insofar as it does not come.

Letter of complaint at too high a debit from account
We provide a sample of a letter of complaint. With this you can, of course, individually customized, the seller will send a letter by calling the problem accurately and also can express exactly what they now expect from him. Such a letter has namely the advantage that you do not have to talk down, and that you at a later date, should further problems arise, can prove to the document that you have brought the problem to the language. By letter of complaint you have, so to speak something in his hand. By the way, a complaint also occurs when you, for example, charged too much money. So here's our letter of complaint patterns:

Your name
Street and Address
Postal code and location
Your Phone Number
Date of today
Dear Sirs,
Two weeks ago I ordered from you the book "Title". Now I have found that your company has a higher amount than indicated on the invoice deducted from my account. I ask you to check this, and to me then, as soon as possible to book the money that was deducted too much back. Should you have any questions, or need me some information to clarify the situation, you can contact me at the above phone number. I would be very grateful if we could rid the world of this problem as soon as possible!
With best regards,

This letter can be modified or supplemented in order to obtain your personal letter of any complaint!
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