Install multiple operating systems on MAC OS

Install multiple operating systems on MAC OS

Install multiple operating systems on MAC OS X
Microsoft Windows 10 comes straight to the market. Who does not want to get used to the new operating system, can opt for an alternative. Offer does here an Apple computer with Mac OS X. On Windows, you do not even have to do without. How to do this, refer to this post.

OS Parallels
With Parallels install in no time Windows and other operating systems under Apple's Mac OS X. Many Windows users already use a mobile device from Apple and are using their iPhone or iPad more than satisfied. Comes only on the desktop computer is still the long-standing Microsoft Windows for use. A great alternative with many advantages, Apple's Mac OS X, which is available for desktop computers as well as for Macbooks available. On the familiar Windows you must not do without if you are using the software Parallels here.

Parralels brings Windows 8 and Windows 10 on your Mac
Using Parallels to install Microsoft Windows on the Mac computer is enjoyable simply because you a digital assistant provides the software side. The allows the Windows system bring to the Mac via a Installation DVD or an ISO image. All settings can be conveniently made to make of the Software. After installation is complete, you can easily switch from the Mac interface to the familiar Windows environment. The so-called Coherance mode even allows you to use Windows programs on your Mac, as if they were native Mac apps.

Despite the automatic can nevertheless be under parallel for the Windows installation, numerous parameters determine. So, you can choose, among other things, how much power of processor and memory into the virtual environment to flow or whether Windows programs should be offered to start in the Dock of Mac interface to start.

Once Parallels, many systems
Although Parallels is certainly primarily used for installing Windows 7 and Windows 8 on a Mac dominates the virtualization software or other operating systems. Old Mac OS versions can thus play for instance just as a Linux environment or Chrome OS. The latter are even directly into the installation routine is available, so no separate disk or an installation DVD is required. During our tests, the example was also a pre-release version of the operating system Microsoft Windows 10 degrees. Paralles is chargeable and costs around 80 euros. An update will appear with the new OS X versions and will cost about 50 euros.
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