iPhone: How to create custom ringtones for free

iPhone: How to create custom ringtones for free

iPhone: How to create custom ringtones for free
There are many ways to customize the iPhone. A personal touch to enter the smart phone but if you are using personal sounds for calls and notifications. But you do not have as formerly expensive shopping. Create ringtones and beeps all by yourself. How to do this, you will learn in this article.

Create a personal ringtone from an MP3 file on the iPhone. On delivery, the iPhone is indeed a great device, but it provides little individuality. Wallpapers, ring tones and alert sounds are set equal to each sold worldwide smartphone from Cupertino. If you want to give your device a personal touch, you should first change the default sounds boring. For new sounds you can use for example songs that are stored in the memory of the smartphone. So that works out, you need to crop the title but. A PC is for the music editor fortunately not necessary for your personal sounds set with a few taps directly together on the smartphone.

To create a new ringing tone or directly on the smartphone
You may even remember the annoying ringtone providers who have your sound bites offered earlier against expensive subscriptions in annoying TV commercials. Today, you create such personal sounds easily and without subscription trap on the smartphone. Make use of the App ringtones for iPhone iOS 8 New (0.99 euros - as of May 2015). Then proceed as follows:

To select a song as a template, tap the iPod icon. Select the title with a tap of the display, which can be sorted according to parameters such as artist, title or album.

The song now appears in full on the display. Put on the white slider to set the start and end points determined, you want to cut as a ringtone. Check the result could at any time by pressing the "play" button.

If you are satisfied with the result, tap the disk icon to save the title. Then follow the on-screen instructions that explain how to integrate the new sound on iTunes. If you do not wish to deal with it, crop ringtones, tap the program interface of ringtones for iPhone iOS 8 New easy to "catalog". Here you will find numerous ready sounds by users. The sounds are divided into categories in order to give a decision support. Thus, for example, fast track of sound with the best rating.
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