Opium for cats with digestive problems

Opium for cats with digestive problems

Opium for cats with digestive problems
Many old cat suffering from constipation (constipation) that can be resolved only with repeated enemas. In addition to constipation often occur with colic to occur by hard faeces or constipation. Even after a violent fright or in old cats, the agent can often work wonders. Opium is a good way regulating influence.

Opium for cats with digestive problems or old age. Opium for cats with constipation and constipation Many cats do not move enough anymore to intestinal activity to maintain and thereby suffer often from constipation, colic, flatulence or even paralysis of the intestines. Opium C30, the cat here already usually given once, even relief.

Opium after a violent fright
In addition to digestive problems but the agent can also help with consequences of a violent fright the cats of all ages to overcome this quickly if Aconitum has not worked. Once added to the C30 the terrible experience should soon be past.

Opium in senility or after anesthesia
The agent helps cats even in old age or when they were exposed to anesthesia and Nux could not help after anesthesia. Again, the C30 1 used Malig.

 Cats need the Opium
In drug picture of opium is found in addition to the consequences of a violent shock, consequences of cranial trauma or old age, consequences of anesthesia also excited behavior and inadequate responses to sounds, light or sudden touches the cat that can change with fatigue and absent behavior. The cat is constantly tired and despite painful colic show cats usually no pain, even though the cat's general condition appears to be very poor.

The cat can be dark red or bluish mucous membranes and a blue tongue, said the mouth is very dry. The pulse is slow but full and the pupils constrict and breathing may be difficult. Symptoms may occur in the digestive tract by constipation with colic, flatulence and paralysis of the intestines or the skin rash with itching. The cat may have a full bladder, but there is no urge to empty them.

Pain occurring in waveform also include in the clinical picture, so that the cat can shake. A staggering gait may persist, which is reminiscent of ataxia, but this is attributable to the relaxation of the muscles. Also opium to excessive administration of drugs which are used to treat epilepsy and be very helpful. A clinical response is achieved by careful, announced touches, a light massage of the abdomen, caused by cold or by motion.

A worsening of symptoms occurs by lying down, sleeping or violent contact.
Tracking means that can be used by opium. Aconitum, Antimonum tartaricum, Belladonna, Bryonia, Hyoscyamus, Nux.. Opium C30 should be given the cat in case of need on the first day every half hour 3-5 globules directly into the mouth. The best dissolved in a little water or if the cat drinks are offered in the drinking cup, which then should not be made of metal. The next day you are the cat once opium in the C200 when the repeated administration of the C30 on the first day still does not show any reaction. Image by petfinder.com
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