Solving problems in online application

Solving problems in online application

Solving problems in online application
The traditional application is increasingly out of fashion, because most companies only accept online applications. It is not enough by far, simply attach all documents to an e-mail. Formatting an online application, there are several things to consider.

Online Application
What matters in the online application. An online application can be done in two ways: once as an e-mail application and the other on-line forms. The following comments relate primarily to the application by e-mail.

The starting point: A reasonable e-mail address
Many applicants have an email address for the private sector, which often includes a nickname or even figures such as klausi So an e-mail address you can use in dealing with friends, but not in a professional context. This would make largely ridiculous and run the risk of not being taken seriously. Therefore, you should specify for application purposes an e-mail address after the pattern

Best to use only an appendix
An e-mail application should include the documents covering letter, CV, recent work certificates, study certificate and high school diploma. Overall, the e-mail should not exceed three MB. It is recommended to combine the different documents into a single PDF file. A PDF file is read-only and compressed and the HR must only open and save a file, and not more, which would only stop unnecessarily.

There are now a number of free programs, such as the PDF Creator, which you can download from the Internet. With the program you can among other things create a PDF file from a Word document, or combine multiple Word documents to a PDF file.

Better not send e-mail by the employer from
Your online application you'd better not send from the current employer. That would make a bad impression and look as if you have created your application during business hours. Since the letter is part of the notes, you can be brief in the actual e-mail and refer to the detailed letter annexed.

Send online application to the specified mail address
Your completed online application you should send it to the email address specified in the notice, even if it is a general address such or

Certificates only if relevant
With any certificates you should restrain himself in order not to exceed the scope of the e-mail (3 MB). Set this only if they have a direct relation to the location to which you are applying. You should also make an effort to make the application visually appealing. So you can stand out positively from the crowd of applicants. But should you overdo the visual design of the application either.

For application forms individual aspects of the application are hardly to bear. Usually you have to stay close to the specifications. Therefore, this standardized application forms are rather unpopular with job seekers.

Especially since it can always happen that the computer in between crashes and you have to start before the beginning again. But applicants should make an effort even in forms and true especially the manners to have a good chance with your application.
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