Stop the operating system clean and fast

Stop the operating system clean and fast

Stop the operating system clean and fast

Windows Tuning: To stop the operating system clean and fast. Usually you need a number of programs to clean windows and to keep afloat. The tasks of the tools to recognize and eliminate garbage to clean up the registry and to keep the Startup slim belongs. As you do these and many other tuning jobs of a clear surface, refer to this post.

Windows tuning
With a little tuning your Windows system is again slim and fast. Windows and running under the operating system programs stored on the hard drive from a lot of junk data. At the same time clogging many installed applications and services to startup. As a result, the computer needs more time to boot up the operating system and is visibly more slowly during the disk space on the hard disk and then decreases when you install any programs or save documents.

Here help Glary Utilities, track ballast and eliminate the data and dissolve brake system. Instead of many individual programs can be found here numerous tools on a clear surface.

Glary Utilities. The digital Broom for Windows
Those who do not want to deal with the system maintenance, can be pleased "1-Click Maintenance", which can be found under the tab of the same name on the program's user interface in the Glary Utilities on. Only a mouse click is required to detect problems in the registry, spyware and orphaned temporary files, among others, and to protect your privacy. After analyzing disconnect any brake system found simply with one click.

Detailed walk each program to works, which can be found as an icon on the program's user interface. Which can be for example the startup for faster boot muck. Even the programs installed on your system can be checked for the available updates so that you always use the latest version.

Windows clean the Pro version
The toolkit Glary Utilities is free. However, there is a Pro version, which with about 12 US dollars suggests the time of testing impact. The paid version offers some additional features, which you can optimize your computer for example, automatically at regular time intervals. Also, a deletion of all tracks on the system when the computer shuts down is users the Pro version reserved. You'll also get a support for the pay version of the tools, if there are problems. Fundamentally rich the possibilities of free version of the program but for the most part.
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