These medicine you should pack in your suitcase

These medicine you should pack in your suitcase

These medicine should you pack in your suitcase
Most people can the best time of year wait: the holidays. To ensure that this does not become a disaster, it is important to think of the first aid kit, because it can spoil the holiday quickly if you get sick spend it at the hotel. The following article explains what medications in the luggage may not be missing.

Medicine case
These drugs should you pack in your suitcase. Medicines for colds and sore throats. Due to the air conditioning, which are often employed in bus and Hotel, can easily set a cold. If you suffer from a cold or a sinus infection, you can not make more pressure equalization on the flight might. In this case, decongestant nasal sprays are important to prevent ear pain or even damage the inner ear. For sore throat medications are helpful with a disinfecting effect, as they may bring some relief. In addition, these drugs often have an analgesic active ingredient.

Basic set of medications in your suitcase
Some medications you should always have on hand, for example against pain, stomach upsets and injuries. Therefore Pack a a well-tolerated painkillers, medicines for diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain, an ointment for bruises, bandages and plasters as well as a wound disinfectant in the trunk.

Painkillers should be available, for example against headaches, toothaches and pain in the limbs. However, if you suffer from severe pain and fever, you should seek medical attention. Especially in countries with a malaria risk, it is necessary to measure the body temperature. Therefore, a clinical thermometer in the case should not be ignored.

If you have a chronic disease, it is of course very important that you do not forget the appropriate medication that you need to take regularly. If you are prone to certain ailments, such as heartburn, cold sores or fungal infections, you should equip your first aid kit with these agents. It is advisable to choose supplements that have helped you earlier is.

Also useful in the trunk:
Medicines for nausea: Who's example plagued by motion sickness should take an appropriate medication before going on. In a sudden nausea fast acting chewing gum preparations are helpful.

Remedy for allergies: allergies and insect bites can cause an annoying itch. Are available means for rubbing or oral.

Preparations for eye complaints: wind, light or dust cause traveling often conjunctivitis. Sunglasses are a must. Soothing also acting decongestant eye drops.

So sunburn is avoided, heard the sunscreen necessarily in the trunk. In addition, this also possible long-term consequences will be prevented, such as skin cancer. The strength of the sunscreen you should choose according to the destination and your skin type. For minor burns help a cooling gel or a good apr├Ęs-cream. If strong redness a thin cortisone cream is helpful, which can be applied in the short term.
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