Tips to boost your customer satisfaction

Tips to boost your customer satisfaction

Tips to boost your customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction should always come first, because approximately 90 percent of dissatisfied customers will not return to the unsatisfied company forever. The following article explains 5 tips on how you can increase customer satisfaction.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Use the following tips to increase your customer satisfaction.

Tip number 1: Customer Survey
To get information whether the customers are satisfied, the direct path of the customer survey can be used. This can be done a customer survey in certain cycles or for fixed time, for example, right after your purchase. This also serves as a confirmation of purchase. An analysis of customer satisfaction should include mystery shopping, as this is a direct comparison possible.

Here, the following factors may be taken into account: the premises, waiting until the operation and efficiency of the staff. With the collected findings you can increase customer satisfaction.

Increase customer
Tip number 2: Questionnaires
The direct survey of customers in a project which is carried out through a questionnaire, provides the perfect opportunity to improve themselves by responding to the wishes of customers. Here a distinction is made between the open survey, in which the client company will be called, and the covert survey in which this does not happen. With an open survey, you can rather increase customer satisfaction, as the willingness to answer is generally higher.

Tip number 3: list of shortcomings in order to avoid mistakes in the future
Mistakes can and have happened, what most customers know and accept. The only problem is when a same error happened twice. This can happen when reports of errors in the collective will not be shared. Therefore, you should work as a team with a list of shortcomings. Any complaint or claim and any problem will be entered on the list, so that mistakes made out of the way and not be repeated. This enables you to increase customer satisfaction.

Increase customer
Tip number 4: Early Warning thanks analyzes
Regular customer value analysis are indispensable. You should check your customer sales lists once a month or at least once a quarter. Analyze which and how many customers have jumped in the past. In what area, sales have significantly worsened? Where is the reason for the sales growth? Based on the customer value analysis, you can filter out the customers, which are worthwhile for the recovery, because not every customer is profitable.

Tip number 5: surprise customers
There is hardly anything that the customer likes better than to obtain free products or services. Therefore, you should use the element of surprise, and thus to win your clients for themselves. For example you can adopt the shipping costs or offer free samples, samples and promotional items. The possibilities are endless. This enables you to increase customer satisfaction.
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